Mathematics is the best invention of mankind simply because no phenomenon can escape the system of calculation and numbers. Mathematics is about to add human anguish to its list. Can you chalk up the amount of anguish felt and tally it in the local currency? Leave it to the Japanese to come up with such an electronic device.

koyoi_001The Consolation Money Calculator by Wiz Inc not only functions as a conventional calculator, it can actually help you tabulate the emotional anguish incurred. How does it work? Enter your profile information, key in the source of your anguish ranging from lover to boss, and other related information. When you hit the ‘mental damage’ button, the total sum of your emotional devastation will be displayed. Trust the Japanese to turn electronic or digital for emotional solace and comfort. For only $30 (2415 yen), the Consolation Money Calculator can relieve mental stress and lead to some simple fun.