Not long after Apple iPhone 3G S reaching commercial market, a team of enthusiasts from RapidRepair has already initiated an effort to dissect a brand new 3G S just to figure out what kind of processor that being designed into the powerful and stylish device. From the teardown analysis report, it has been disclosed that the processor chip from Samsung is capable of handling 720p HD decode/encode, although iPhone officially limits it to 640 X 480 screen resolutions.

The processor, named as SSPC100 is an ARM Cortex A8 based architecture clocking at 600MHz and is claimed to not only able to decode 720p HD media contents, but it is also capable to encode or capture 720p technically. Besides, it is also capable of processing two-way video calls with a 256MB RAM on the board without taking much on the board design space. Theoretically, the processor can scale up to maximum of 833MHz but due to the power concern, it has been under-clocked at current specification which is still far more than sufficient for mobile computing without drawing excessive current and affecting battery life time unnecessarily. Other components that were found on the board include Toshiba NAND flash memory for storage, Infineon RF network chip and many more.

The tear down analysis is quite a common approach for some of the competitors and potential vendors to figure out its competency level and price point on how they can fit better in next generation products.