Having storage problem with your PC? You have downloaded a lot of movies, MP3 songs, games, etc. You are worried that your vast drive would die before you’ve replaced it. You may also feel frustrated with doing backup for hundreds GB of data onto DVD-R coz it takes a long time and a lot of discs are required.

Now the introduction of a one-terabyte drive by Hitachi might help to solve your problem. Hitachi has announced that a one-terabyte drive for desktop computers will be available in the market in the next three months. Hitachi’s competitor, Seagate, plans a similar one-terabyte delight by the summer.

The one thousand gigabytes of storage will cost you approximately US$400, or 40 cents per GB. With 1,000GB of storage, you can store and keep as much data as you like. You can rip your DVDs to the hard drive, work them as a server and play them on any TV set in your house at any time.

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