If you are like any typical guy who is afraid to visit the dentist, wait till you see this latest toothbrush from Hammacher Schlemmer. It looks terrifying and awesome. Touted to be the world’s most efficient toothbrush, it has four bristling heads capable of cleaning six surfaces simultaneously at a rate of 810 swipes per minute. All in all, the toothbrush can keep your pearlies gleaming in forty seconds, cutting down brushing time by about 60 percent. Imagine that you had been driving an old Walks Wagon all along but you’re now changing to a Ferrari. At the terrifying rate of $99.95, the 40 Second Toothbrush is the meanest of devices you will ever voluntarily put inside your mouth.

tbRecommended by the American Dental Association, the bristles are aligned at a 4° angle and move towards and away from the gums to remove bacterial plaque from the teeth and gums. This is the Bass technique to maximize the efficacy of brushing. The pivoting heads adjust to accommodate narrower front teeth and broader back teeth. At the same time, the varying lengths of the bristles clean even hard-to-reach spaces in the oral cavity. The 40 Second Toothbrush comes with a tongue cleaner, four soft bristle brush heads, two rechargeable AA batteries, and a charger.