Wireless Internet access with 802.11a/b/g protocol is so popular that it’s quickly replacing wire technology in delivering broadband Internet service in your home. These kind of wireless networks have coverage limitation that only able to provide connectivity within a single household in the Local Area Network (LAN). Now there is a way to extend the broadband service coverage just more than your home compound. Meraki Networks has launched its first wireless network repeater kit that is able to extend the coverage to your neighborhood area.

When the coverage is extended, it also means that the cost of subscription can be reduced as it will be shared among its own neighborhood subscribers. Just imagine that now you can share your broadband service with your neighbors located at the same floor or even 2 or 3 floors higher and all of you splitting the subscription amount. Besides the low subscription cost, the repeater is powered by solar energy which eliminates the dependency of electric supply. Surprisingly, it is able to store energy for normal operation during night time.

Up to date, there are already more than thousand of Meraki networks running in 35 countries. Priced at just affordable $99, we should expect more repeater kit being installed in rural and urban area in near future before WiMAX.