It is sometimes difficult to share ideas with others in a small group meeting. The projector may not be viable in such a small gathering or in places such as the airport, cafeteria, hotel lobby or a small discussion room. While handouts can be made available to all, it is less convincing that presenting from a multimedia tool. The lack of ease with which the notebook screen can be easily maneuvered for other group members’ viewing can pose a challenge. The Panel presented by MEDL Technology is set to overcome this difficulty.

Measuring 2.2 pounds or 1 kg, The Panel is a rechargeable 13-inch monitor which can be used together with PCs, iPhones, iPods, Xbox 360s, PS3s, cameras, DVD players, etc. This display device is connectable to computers using either Mac OS or Windows operating systems. Users need only plug it into a USB port to connect the device they are using with the monitor. The Panel will be connected in less than 10 seconds.

A portable twin monitor can also increase users’ productivity significantly as they can work from two screens instead of one. Research has indicated that working from two screens simultaneously can boost productivity by as much as 20%. The Panel can be inserted into a laptop bag and carried along for any business presentations or discussions. The built-in battery can last for 5 hours before the next charge and it is sufficient for a long meeting.