In today’s multi-tasking and fast-paced society, communication at our fingertips is a necessity. This is true even when one is on the move, or behind wheels. Novero, a name associated with offering Bluetooth solutions to Jaguar, Bentley, and Mercedes Benz, has released two models of hands-free car kit that allow users to stay in touch with their mobile phones while driving. TheTrustyOne and the TrulyOne are the latest hands-free kits that offer quality audio performance at reasonable prices as well easy installation.

The hands-free sets offer users ease of use with its voice dial feature, voice-directed text messaging (SMS), and voice-controlled emailing. The quality of the audio performance is enhanced by features including adjustable mics, echo cancellation, and noise reduction. The TrulyOne also has a mounted display that has a user-friendly menu featuring icons and text. This enables drivers to view information available via their mobile phones including telephone list, music menu, etc. The two hands-free kits adhere to line-fit standards where installation is simple and hassle-free; no screws are needed and a DIN/ISO cable connects to the car audio system. The TrulyOne and the TrustyOne are compatible with a wide range of handsets and enjoy widespread installer support.