Some of you may have heard about Homeplug or Power Line Technology that utilizes existing power outlets in your home to provide high-speed broadband service to your laptop or PC. This technology is common over Ethernet connectivity but you may not aware that it has been extended to support USB 2.0 interface. Recently, Icron Technologies has demonstrated the world’s first USB2.0 over Power Line solution at Computex event held in Taipei.


With this innovation, Icron Technologies has able to extend its USB 2.0 connectivity beyond normal desktop application. Just imagine that you can now plug in your mouse, keyboard, webcam or any USB devices to the AC outlets on the wall instead of to your PC USB port only. There is no more hassle to try to get a long Ethernet cable to run the connection when you are trying to surf net in your room while your ADSL access point is in your living room.

Embedded with Panasonic’s HD-PLC chipset, it makes this high-speed data transfer over Power Line possible. HD-PLC (High Definition Power Line Communication) is a new revolutionary technology developed by Panasonic to support high-speed seamless connectivity over Power Line. Plug-and-playability of USB 2.0 interface further reduces the trouble and time to setup a new broadband connection at any corner in your home.

Although some may disappoint that it only hits 190 Mbps maximum transfer rate (USB2.0 standard high speed throughput is 480 Mbps), but it is far more than sufficient to run few high definition media streaming simultaneously.