Heavy and bulky projector might be cumbersome especially when you need to lug it with you from one place to another. Feeling exhausted and frustrated about this? Looking for a lighter and tinier projector that can ease your burden without undermining the quality of your presentation? Well, look no further than the Hikari Pro 920 pocket projector by the award-wining Taiwanese high-quality display manufacturer, Oculon Optoelectronics. Claimed by Oculan to be the world’s tiniest projector, Hikari Pro920 weighs in at 10 ounces and can fit easily into a purse, coat pocket, handbag or the palm of a hand.


Having a dimension of 86x44x85mm, the Oculan Hikari Pro920 features a 15-inch, 640 x 480 pixel display screen. Oculan stresses that the image from this projector is sharp and clear even though it is tiny. It will be available in Dec 2007 and the proposed retail price is around $299.