TimerNuke is not a very good activation crack for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. In fact, it’s not actually an activation crack too. What it does is that TimerNuke removes system files related to Windows Product Activation and disables services asscociated with activation. The result is the operating system may no longer need to be activated, but Windows may detects inside as not genuine, with “this copy of Windows is not genuine” watermark and notification message persistently displayed.

For user who wants to uninstall and remove TimerNuke crack, use the following TimerNuke uninstallation script, aka Windows 7 & 2008 Activation Enabler.

Download UninstallTimerNuke.zip (mirror)

Run the UninstallTimerNuke.cmd to restore the files removed and re-enable the services stopped. Note that the uninstallation of TimerNuke will only work if you don’t delete the .bak backup files created. As with TimerNuke, TimerNuke Uninstaller only supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

Tip: The uninstall script also works to reset and restore activation components on many other so called Windows 7 ‘activator’, Windows 7 ‘activation crack’, PlusPatch, All Versions PlusPatcher and other imitates that based the work on TimerNuke, i.e. removing activation files and services.

There is another method to remove or uninstall Windows 7 activation crack, patch or activator based on frankenbuild style.