If you’re kind of eager and enthusiasm Windows 7 anticipants, you probably would have downloaded and installed Windows 7 Beta through leaked Windows 7 torrent for BT download, and then use various non-effective Windows 7 activation crack to attempt to activate Windows 7 properly and genuinely. For example, the popular Windows 7 PlusPatch or Orbit30 Activator.

The Windows 7 cracks known so far is not really effective to ensure foolproof genuineness of the installed system, because it’s either utilized TimerNuke disable WPA method, or frankenbuild activation files replacing method, similar to how hackers cracked Windows Vista initially. Both methods is the loophole that can be easily closed and patched by Microsoft. In fact, the frankenbuild Windows Vista system has already been targeted by WGA update. Furthermore, with the official release of Windows 7 Beta Customer Preview Program (CPP), which gives everyone a genuine working and free Windows 7 product key, no crack is required to activate Windows 7 Beta anymore.

The TimerNuke uninstallation and removal method has been detailed. If you fail to remove and uninstall frankenbuild crack (symptom is unable to activate Windows 7 Beta with official product key due to invalid serial key) by using built-in uninstallation algorithm in these cracks, patches or activators, follow the step-by-step instructional guide below to manually remove and restore hacked files and then reset and recover system to original activation state that can accept genuine product key provided by Microsoft for proper activation.

  1. Download the original pkeyconfig.xrm-ms and tokens.data files contained in Win7-OriginalActivationFiles.zip (for Windows 7 Beta only).
  2. Boot into Safe Mode, and then replace the following two activation related files with the original version from the downloaded ZIP package or your own backup:



  3. If you cannot restart the computer, and want to replace the files in normal mode, open a command prompt as administrator, and then run the following command one by one:
    net stop sppsvc /y
    takeown /f "%WinDir%ServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareProtectionPlatformtokens.dat"
    takeown /f "%WinDir%System32spptokenspkeyconfigpkeyconfig.xrm-ms"
    cacls "%WinDir%ServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareProtectionPlatformtokens.dat" /e /g everyone:f
    cacls "%WinDir%System32spptokenspkeyconfigpkeyconfig.xrm-ms" /e /g everyone:f
    del "%WinDir%ServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareProtectionPlatformtokens.dat"
    del "%WinDir%System32spptokenspkeyconfigpkeyconfig.xrm-ms"

    Then, extract the content from ZIP package downloaded, and copy tokens.dat to “%WinDir%ServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareProtectionPlatform” folder, and copy pkeyconfig.xrm-ms to “%WinDir%System32spptokenspkeyconfig” folder.

    Finally, restart the Software Protection service with following command (disable to avoid COM Surrogate error):

    net start sppsvc
  4. In Windows 7 normal mode, enter the product key from Microsoft and activate Windows 7 proper.

Another shorter command that can restore original system files is quick and easy sfc /scannow.