Is there ever an occasion when you need to check the time and shine a torch at the same time? Perhaps you are out on an adventure in the jungle or spying on a girlfriend in the middle of the night. A gadget that combines various features is the standard tool for an adventurer or a spy. But the Stanley LED Torch Watch is rather perplexing. It combines a backlit alarm clock, timer, and mini LED torch yet the proportions of the parts defy logic.

The Stanley LED Torch features a small torch light which doesn’t help much on a dark path and an oversized watch that hangs heavily on the wrist. Priced at $58, the Stanley Torch Watch is rather a white elephant than a useful ox. Encased in a miniature toolbox, the Stanley LED Torch Watch may pique your interest as a collector’s item. But for utility, stick to the torchlight and the watch separately.