Toshiba has just announced a new LCD panel with ultra high resolution for commercial market. Typically, a LCD panel with a 2560 X 1600 resolution is considered rare and high end but seems that this announcement may surprise the rest of competitors with 3840 X 2400 resolutions. As of now, this WQUXGA-W LCD is only available in 22-inch screen size due to the manufacturing technology and design cost involved is too high and only cater for niche market.


The target segment of this special designed LCD panel is mainly for medical segment which requires extremely high resolution for imaging display. Besides the display resolution, other specifications may not be so impressive especially the 22.2-inch diagonal LCD size is much smaller as compared to average LCD panel in the market. The brightness specification of 235 cd/m² is also not up to high end LCD market expectation. Generally, high end LCD would measure at least 300 cd/m².

Another drawback, with the price tag of $18,000, the tiny 22-inch LCD would scare many away. This is reasonable high during initial stage when due to low demand and not being mass produced for other market segments. Anyway, this is a good effort spent by Toshiba in putting much resource and money to produce one of the most highest end LCD panel in the market. The product will be released by first half of 2008.