Tablet PC is a new trend with more and more different models being released and as one of the major PC manufacturers, Toshiba has put up a plan to develop a new Android based tablet to penetrate into this competitive market space that used to be initiated and monopolized by Apple’s iPad. Named as Folio 100, the tablet will be powered by a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 250 processor which is famous for its graphics decode and acceleration capability.

Folio 100 is designed with a 10-inch 1024×600 resolution touch capacitive touch panel which is ideal for web browsing with true mobility and in order not to limit its dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 250 graphics capability, there is a HDMI output that can easily scale and display full HD 1080p media contents on external display panel for greater multimedia experience. Besides, it has similar 3G, 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technologies as similar to Apple’s iPad but in order to increase storage flexibility, the device is believed to be integrated with SDHC slot for expansion storage instead of using an on-board flash memory. Other specifications include USB port and a built in 1.3MP camera which iPad is lacking of.

The Folio 100 is currently being showcased at IFA event preloaded with customized home screen running on Android 2.2 Operating Systems. No pricing information yet, the device is expected to be commercialized by end of this year.