The battle between the HD DVD and Blu-ray format is on full-blast. Which high-definition format is set to rule the movie scenario? Consumers are spoilt for choice while two giant electronics companies, Toshiba and Sony, fight it out. Sony has been a long-established champion of the Blu-ray format. A bonus for Toshiba and a feather in its cap, Paramount and DreamWorks Animation Studios have thrown in their weight behind the HD DVD and agreed to release their movies using the format. Will the HD DVD or Blu-ray format triumph ultimately?

Toshiba’s third generation HD DVD player, the HD-A30, hopes to charm movie buffs with its 1080p picture resolution which allows 24 frames per second viewing and a cinema-like experience. Besides, the HD-A30 user can connect to the Internet via an Ethernet port to get access to attractive movie offers and the latest software updates.

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