PC is no longer a basic tool to complete office task but also has been integrated with various application to be used as digital home multimedia system. Some of the various multimedia centric applications that I can think of are Network Access Storage, Portable hard disk for movie clips or digital pictures storage and etc. Some of them have even been integrated with digital TV tuner so that the TV program can be recorded directly. All these require a tremendous huge amount of memory support. In view of this, Toshiba has put in a plan to release the world first 320GB 2.5 inch portable hard disk, known as MK-52GSX by end of the year.

It combines two 160GB platters with 8MB cache, building up a total of 320GB memory targeting especially for multimedia laptop and mobile market. The connectivity is through SATA (Serial ATA) port at a high bandwidth of 3Gbps. Furthermore, it has an embedded free-fall sensor that prevents the hard disk from certain level of mechanical shock and drop.

This world’s highest capacity hard disk is capable of 5400 RPM only. For those consumers that are looking for higher RPM but don’t really need such a high memory capacity, there is an option to choose MK-49GSY model with rotation speed of 7200 RPM at maximum of 200GB.