Sick of looking for your remote control as there are so many of them? Well, you can get help from Logitech’s latest offer – a touch screen universal remote called the Harmony 1,000. Harmony 1,000 is a single version of the remote that can rule all electronic gadgets such as TV, DVD player, Hi-Fi, cable box and even lighting system.
A touch-screen universal remote control by Logitech can be programmed from the company’s Web site. The RF Wireless Extender, left, lets users operate devices not in a direct line of sight.
The Harmony 1000 is priced at $499. It comes with a 3.5-inch screen, a USB cable and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is easy to be set up and maintained. Users can just log on to the Logitech Web site and plug the remote into their computer at a U.S.B. slot. Then the remote will download the data required. There are thousands types of DVD players, TVs, and other gadgets in the database can be downloaded. Users can also pay another $150 for the Harmony RF Wireless Extender to allow users to operate devices not in a direct line of sight, for instance, your DVD player that hide in a cabinet.

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