For green fingers there is nothing more satisfying than showing off their garden blooms to family and friends. But flowers, fruits, and plants do not last beyond the growing season and thus cannot be enjoyed by all. There is a way to capture garden stills and show these to others. Brinno Garden Watch Cam can record the growth of gardening enthusiasts’ prized plants at intervals set by them which can then be converted into a National Geographics type footage.


The 1.3 megapixel shooter can snap an image every one minute or 24-hour depending on users’ fancy. Users can choose from seven different time settings. The Garden Watch Cam gives a close-up shot of 18 inches away from the subject. The camcorder is durable and water-resistant making it suitable for rain or shine in the outdoors. Photographs are conveniently stored in the 2GB USB flash drive for easy downloading onto the PC. Users can focus the camera on a single blue rose or the herbs garden as the optics can focus from about 1.6 feet to infinity.


Users just need to fasten the Garden Watch Cam to the top of a specially designed mounting stake which can be inserted into the ground. The stake is flexible and can be adjusted to focus the lens on the subject at the desired position and angle. Brinno Garden Watch Cam runs on four AA batteries. But it is smart enough to hibernate between photo taking and switch off when it is too dark, thus extending the battery life significantly. The camera is user-friendly and easy to use – flip open the camera, insert the drive, choose the time lapse se setting, switch on the camera, and focus. The camera will do the rest of the work and users can concentrate on their gardens.