The leading manufacturer of flash memory products, Transcend has announced its new 64GB JetFlash V20 high-capacity USB flash drive, which supports Windows Vista / XP / Me / 2000, Mac and even Linux.

Features Of Transcend JetFlash V20:

  • Elegant pearl-white finish
  • Pocket-friendly contoured edges
  • Fully compatible with high-speed USB 2.0 for easy plug-and-play operation
  • Free JetFlash elite software pack includes:
    • Website AutoLogin: Automatically login to online accounts
    • PC-Lock: Use the JFV20 as a key to lock / unlock computers to prevent unauthorized access
    • Mobile Favorites: Browse favorite bookmarked websites on any computer
    • Secret-Zip: Compress and password-protect files with powerful encryption
    • E-Mail: Use any computer to securely check, save and send email
    • DataBackup: Backup, restore and synchronize mobile data
    • Online Update: Easily upgrade to the latest version of JetFlash elite

According to the company, “Transcend’s value-priced JetFlash V20 is a great all-around data storage and transfer device that combines solid performance with enormous memory capacity. All Transcend flash drives are built with the finest chips available to ensure the best possible performance and feature a lifetime warranty with the support of a global service network. With its convenient size, attractive shape, and handy software package, the V20 is an indispensable tool that satisfies all your data transfer and storage needs.”

No words on price and availability date of new 64GB JetFlash V20 USB flash drive yet.