As part of initiative to promote Green Environment, TrickleStar, a Hong Kong based manufacturer has just unveiled an intelligent power saver targeted to reduce unused electricity surrounding PC peripherals and home appliances in digital home. Named as Universal standby Power Saver, it is claimed to be the world’s first power saving gadget that is able to detect if a PC is in standby state through USB interface and eventually powering off all the peripherals plugged into the electrical strip that is controlled by it.

The next generation product utilizes current sensing circuitry embedded into the device that can sense if a PC is currently turning on or off. By having a daisy chain connectivity to the rest of PC peripherals and home appliances, the device will be able to determine current state of PC system, and thus turning off those unused peripherals automatically to conserve power when the main PC is switched off.

No pricing has been announced yet, the power device will be commercialized by January 2009 and it is expected to be able to reduce as much as 12% of electricity bills suitable for both home and office environment.