Despite most new laptop, netbook or notebook computers on sale in the market now prominently feature the multi-touch finger gesture navigation on the TouchPad (also known as TrackPad), most older and earlier version of TouchPad on laptop, nettop, netbook or notebook that been released prior to Windows 7 does not have multitouch gesture support enabled, even though the TouchPad hardware itself may support multi-touch with two or even three finger scrolling and gesture.

Even worse, for marketing reason or patent issue (mainly in US), some PC manufacturers and vendors decide to turn off and disable multitouch function on the TouchPad and TrackPad. Luckily the locking and disabling of multitouch gesture feature is done on the software driver for the TouchPad, especially Synaptics TouchPad. The OEM simply doesn’t provide the required updated driver to unlock and turn on multitouch support and various finger gestures.

Previously, users who want to enable multitouch and gesture support on a Synaptics TouchPad have to download and install a modded and hacked for multitouch support Synatics TouchPad driver (which actually supports more gestures such as ChiralMotion and Momentum). Now, apparently HP is released an updated version of Synaptics TouchPad driver for Microsoft Windows 7, which among its features is unlocking and enabling of multi-touch in netbooks and laptops with older TouchPads and TrackPads which originally doesn’t support multi-touch.

The Synaptics TouchPad driver from HP is digitally-signed and WHQL certified. It’s originally meant for HP OEM machine with Synaptics TouchPad (SYN1E18) to improve user experience, but can be installed on any computer the comes with a Synaptics TouchPad or TrackPad, with a hardware version of at least 5.30. The reason is that any Synaptics TouchPad with hardware version earlier than 5.30, such as 5.20 or older, as the hardware is not multitouch-capable. So even after installing new TouchPad driver for the Synaptics device, the multitouch simply will not work.

Direct Download Links for Synaptics TouchPad Driver version

Download Synaptics TouchPad Driver for Windows 7 (x86): sp47815.exe (source)

Download Synaptics TouchPad Driver for Windows XP: sp47816.exe (source)

Note that currently only drivers for 32-bit Windows 7 and Windows XP is available. Installation on 64-bit (x64) system may or may not work. For Windows Vista, try the device driver for Windows 7.

Unlock and Enable MultiTouch Gestures on Synaptics TouchPad

After installing the updated and unlocked driver for Synaptics TouchPad/TrackPad, multi-touch and application gestures features that may be available include two-finger scrolling, two-finger double tap, three-finger tap, three-finger tap, three-finger flick, pinch-to-zoom, and etc.

For users with unsupported Synaptics TouchPad, try the two-finger-scroll utility to force enable 2 fingers gesture.

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  • Trinath

    iam using acer aspire 5560 laptop,i would like to turn my touch pad to multi touch how to resolve this issue.Can u help me on this aspect.

  • Gonzo

    Latest version of Synaptics driver is 15.3.13. You can download 32 bit or 64 bit versions at

  • Gonzo

    Latest Synaptics driver version is now 32 and 64 bit versions are available there.

    Latest Synaptics version works great on my 5 year old Dell laptop. There's also a Lenovo/IBM driver available on the same web page which I tried first, but it didn't work for me. Unless you've got a Lenovo/IBM laptop, stick with the Synaptics driver.

  • jika

    what about driver of Lenovo N500 ( synaptic touchpad for Windows 7)

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  • paul452

    @Nathan – you can get rid of the clunky grey circle scrolling icon by disabling chiral scrolling.

  • Gonzo

    Latest version dated 1 Mar 11 is available at the web site mentioned in previous comments.

  • Gonzo

    Latest version is now It's available at… and the download package is dated 15 Jan 2011.

  • Gonzo

    Latest version,, is available at… This is both 32 bit and 64 bit in one self-extracting EXE file.

  • Nathan

    I don't like the pointer icons while using the multitouch capabilities. When I use the chiral-scroll, the pointer icon is especially clunky.

    Can I eliminate the additionl pointer icons associated with Synaptics multi-touch?

  • Parth

    I can't enable any of the multitouch features even if I have the required hardware and software drivers! I use HP G62-361tx and have Windows 7 Ultimate!! I could use it before I formated my notebook! Please help. :(

  • Chaostar
  • Gonzo

    There is a newer version at… dated 07-Oct-2010. It is version, as compared to version mentioned in the article. Nothing new in it, so I assume it only makes things work better. Most of the files in the newer version are dated August 2010.

  • alexis

    ricktendo64 link does work

    i used the lastest version there 15.0.24

    it worked like a charm with my Dell Inspiron 1501 (it says i have Synaptics hardware touchpad 6.3). Now the touchpad has become usefull at last. However, i used to have clicking both left and right button meant middle click and this is not working any more. i might overcome this with the region click.

    it should be mentioned that the 3 fingers for previous/next in firefox didnt work. Besides, i have not managed to get anything related to zoom working at all (i dont care)

    all the rest is just great, esp the 2 finger thing to scroll + the chiral motion stuff.

    definitely worth installing.

    it's not as good as a mac hardware but it's dawn good considering the price here ;)

  • Jeff
  • Doremi

    Hi, I tried both this drivers as also the modified but I've got only the buttons configuration options. How can I enable the others? Netbook Samsung n150 Plus with Windows 7.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Doremi

    Hello, I tried both those drivers that were modified between the configuration options but I only have those on buttons! I have a Samsung N150 plus. How can I fix? Thanks!

  • Gonzo

    The HP driver sp47816.exe does not appear to support pinch-zoom and chiral rotate on my hardware version 6.2 synaptics touchpad. Isp47816.exe is driver version

    Driver version via @ricktendo's link has chiral rotate support but that doesn't work on my particular touchpad. However, the two finger scrolling works *much* better with than with sp47816.exe. Finally, version doesn't support simultaneous two touchpad button click acting as a middle mouse button, at least on my touchpad. I overcame that by setting a tap zone to act as a middle mouse button click.

    Synaptics has come out with another cool feature called "Scrybe" which lets you used touchpad gestures to perform actions such as cut, copy and paste; launch applications such as your word processor (OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, etc.); or open a web page (Facebook, Amazon, etc.). You can view demo videos of Scrybe here:
    and download it here:
    Be sure to click the link labeled "Click Here to Download or Upgrade Scrybe" because the other driver links further down the page are touchpad drivers *older than* sp47816.exe.

    Some customization of Scrybe is possible, but currently you can't delete their "Popular" gestures and you're limited to a collection of gestures they provide if you want to add a gesture of your own.

    I'd like to hear other people's experiences with sp47816.exe and @ricktendo's driver version

  • Whimsy Collective

    Found the Windows 7 64bit driver

    *Needs modding*

  • Gonzo

    Multitouch, Momentum and Chiral Motion *ALL* work on my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop built in 2006. The hardware version of my Synaptics Touchpad is V6.2. No problems with this HP driver (sp47816.exe) on my Dell laptop.

    It's so nice not to have to move my finger to the scroll regions on my touchpad in order to scroll; two finger multi-touch works anywhere on the touchpad.

    People having problems with Chiral Motion should note that you *HAVE* to start in a scroll region in order for Chiral Motion to work.

    I don't have pinch zoom with this driver and my hardware but three finger application gestures work.

    All in all, well worth installing.

  • anonymus

    you install only the drivers stood by their synaptics v 14 and dan get yourself a driver on the v15 version works on win 7 64

  • Slintosh

    How do i get pinch zoom to work?

  • aulia

    i can't use pinch zoom and chiralmotion on firefox. tell me why pliss

  • Sebblmeister

    Alter Schwede! Learn German times!

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  • TA

    I looked at the extracted files from the installer. It includes x64 files even though it isn't stated on the HP website.

  • TA

    I looked at the extracted files from the installer. It includes the x64 files, even though it isn't stated on the HP website.

  • vecchio geco

    very very very remarkable! haow couldi live without? cool and useful!

  • lexi

    pinch is there, but it is disabled :(

    someone mod this plz :D

  • SRChiP

    This is cool. Three finger touch is enabled in my dv5-1070ee with this even though it does not have a multitouch touchpad.

  • BlastingKap

    Works perfectly on Win7-x64, just installed, me likes :) Perfection would be enabling pinch-zoom.

  • ricktendo64

    You can get the x64 version or a updated v15.0.10 from here <a href=" (” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>(

  • SRChiP

    @John Thank you so much for answering my question.

  • Sam

    the download links dont work were can i get them?

  • John

    Ok, to answer all questions

    This does NOT disable chiral scroll. I am currently using BOTH two finger scroll and Chiral scroll.

    This also works on win 7 64 bit perfectly.

    if your touch pad supports pinch to zoom, it will be under control panel>mouse>device settings. double click your touchpad and it should be there.

    Thankyou so much for finding this.

  • darQ96

    @SRChiP : how can you chiral scroll with 2 fingers ?!?1?! it is enabled for 1 finger scroll ;)

    @Senthil : you can't, it is just for scrolling and some 3 finger gestures, enough for me :D

  • Senthil

    I dont see how to enable pinch to zoom option. Can anyone explain me how to do that?

  • SRChiP

    What about Chiralmotion? Does this disable that?

  • mcbyte

    and what about Win7-x64? did anybody try it? or is there a new driver also for x64?