The remixed blend of high fashion and high fidelity, V-MODA has announced that they are developing the new V-MODA Audio Volume Control (AVC) headphone family with built-in controls compatible with latest 3rd generation iPod shuffle featuring VoiceOver.

“By leveraging Apple’s latest features, our new AVC headphone line will allow Apple consumers to enjoy their new iPod shuffle with convenience, style, and ease,” said Val Kolton, V-MODA CEO and founder, independent DJ and producer. “We’re proud of our long-standing relationship with Apple and what we’ve forged together, and we look forward to creating more high-fidelity, high-fashion products in the future.”

According to V-MODA, the first AVC headphone is slated to hit the market by Q2 2009, while other AVC models (including on-ear and DJ headphones) will be available later this year.