Sometimes due to violation of YouTube terms or copyright infringement, some video clips from YouTube will have been removed. YouTube will prompt you with some irritating messages such as: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claimed by ABC Company”. What can you do when you see this annoying message? The video clips that you intend to view might contain something interesting but impropriate, e.g. sex, porno, political scandals, etc. What can you do to view the deleted, erased, private or flagged video clips anyway?

In our previous post, we have highlighted the possibility of using Delutube to watch the deleted, private or flagged YouTube. Technically if a controversial video was officially removed or deleted from YouTube, the clip might still be kept on one of YouTube’s or Google’s servers for a short period of time. You can view the deleted or inaccessible video clips by entering the Youtube Video ID. Read Watch Deleted, Private or Flagged YouTube Video Clips with Delutube.

Besides Delutube, there are a few other deleted YouTube viewers you can perhaps try: –

You can find some deleted or removed video clips from these websites. You can search for the deleted clips by name or by ID. However, these websites may contain adult content that is illegal for below age viewers.


TubeMall UndeleTube

UndeleTube is another service provided to view the removed video clips from YouTube. It works pretty well.