UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) becomes one of the greatest technology trends since last year. Beginning in this year, there are even more manufacturers focusing on UMPC development in order to hit market on time. Similarly, Viliv has just disclosed its new UMPC during recent CES events in Las Vegas. The new UMPC is based on Intel’s famous Menlow architecture, which is one of the platforms being introduced by Intel recently targeted for low power market segment.


Not only Viliv, there are already quite a number of UMPCs being developed based on Menlow platform. It is a reference platform that powered by Silverthorne, a newly released processor fabricated using 45-nm process technology. Running at 1.86GHz, the processing power is more than sufficient for typical Ultra Mobile applications. The greatest advantages are its small form factor and low power consumption which make it most suitable for portable devices with longer battery life.

Viliv UMPC is taking these advantages to pack even more features into it as a full function ultra mobile companion. Weighted at only 560 gram, it features 512MB DDR2 memory, integrated 60GB hard disk drive, internal GPS (Global Positioning System) and advanced WiBRO or WiMAX optional module for seamless connectivity.

Viliv UMPC is compatible with famous OS such as Windows XP, Linux and even Windows Vista. It is expected to be launched in quarter three with a retail price in the range of $700 to $800.