Even though nowadays computer pricing is highlycompetitive, there are still many companies which do not supply sufficient computers to staff due to budget constraints. Staff amongst themselves might need to share workstation and computers. When shared workstation computers become more prevalent, the possibility to spread germs amongst the users are higher. The spread of germs is a critical element of any health problem and it can cause serious diseases. To reduce the spread of disease and help save lives, Vioguard has introduced a super hygienic keyboard targeted particularly at hygiene users and those who work in medical institutions.
The Vioguard hygienic keyboard features a powerful germicidal UV lamp which can eliminate the need for manual disinfection. An infrared proximity sensor activates a motorized drawer, which presents a disinfected keyboard to the user. After using the keyboard, users can press a button on the keyboard drawer to activate the disinfection cycle or, after a predetermined period of inactivity, the system will automatically initiate a disinfection cycle. LED indicators are used to let the user know when the keyboard is ready for use. The disinfection cycle can be interrupted any time to ensure the device is available as needed.

The price for this hygienic keyboard is not cheap. It is to fall between $499 to $599.