For the blind, simple chores such as setting an alarm clock can pose a problem. The visually impaired will not be able to set the time easily without help unless the numbers stick out like Braille. Moshi Alarm Clocks can solve the problem via its state-of-the-art voice recognition technology.

Moshi Alarm Clocks have the ability to detect commands for it to “set time” or “set alarm” and respond by asking you for the times you want. Its advanced technology recognises most voices (1000 voices across the Northern Hemisphere) and a variety of accents and pronunciations in English. It also gives temperature readings, offers multiple choices of wakeup sounds, plays soothing music to help lull you to sleep, and lights up with a night light in hours of need. Moreover, it is elegantly designed and has the ability to change background colours. It is user-friendly with a simple interface and involves no complicated setup.