Volery is a free service that makes setting up a PC dead simple, which pretty much similar to Google Pack. Volery allows user to select whichever and any software applications which he or she wants to install onto the PC computer, and then download just one tiny program (mind you, this tiny Volery program does not install itself) that installs everything automatically. Best of all, Volery installs apps with default settings, excluding all browser toolbars and junks.


Volery at getvolery.com is still in private beta, and requires a demo code to register for an account. User requires to sign in to Volery in order to download the initial installer.

Just for first 100 My Digital Life readers on first come first serve basis, use the following demo code to register for a free Volery demo account:

Volery Demo Code: mydigitallife

Registration and sign up of Volery can be done also via the following dedicated MyDigitalLife URL: https://getvolery.com/accounts/demo/mydigitallife or through general sign up page: https://getvolery.com/accounts/demo/

Update: Volery has been launched as ninite.com