Wireless technology has been widely used as a replacement of wired technology which is neat in solution suitable for digital home. In order to extend its usage, Warpia has unveiled a new wireless USB display adapter that can connect normal PC to digital TV, display monitor or projector wirelessly without the need of whole system upgrade.

Basically the kit consists of two devices – a USB Audio/Video adapter that plugs into typical USB 2.0 host port of your PC system and a display adapter that connects to digital TV at the receiving end. Both of the transmitter and receiver are linked wirelessly and the receiver will able to accept all the audio and video signals streamed from the source and eventually be converted to VGA or HDMI interface that can be easily found in most of the digital LCD TVs, display panels or even projectors in today’s market. Impressively, the kit is claimed to be able to scale up to 1400 x 1050 maximum resolutions (which is 720 High Definition capable) with up to 30 feet radius, which is far more than sufficient to cover normal living room area for seamless and great multimedia experiences.

Retailed at $179.99, the wireless USB AV Display Adapter set is already available at Warpia online website. If you have budget constraint and don’t really need audio but just video source, there is an slightly more affordable kit available at $119 depending on your usage.