Embedding watermark texts or logo could be one of the most efficient ways to protect your documents or digital images if you do not want your hard work to be easily distributed around or copied by others. Adding or embedding texts or logo into your masterpiece will at least ensure the originality of the work is acknowledged. There are various watermark tools to assist users to add custom watermarks to their digital artwork. We introduced the Watermark Tool, a free web application to protect the copyrights of your images in our previous post. However, this web app has its shortcomings whereby it doesn’t have a result preview after the watermark is added and it also doesn’t allow users to reposition the inserted texts.

Watermark.ws is another free and useful web app which allows users to add their digital watermarking to protect the copyrights of their documents or images. Unlike Watermark Tool, the watermark.ws features a small preview Windows for users to preview and forestage the changes to the original images. Users can add texts, amend font size, change font color and decide the watermark location and so on. Once users are satisfied with the effect, they could just download the edited images from the site. Fast and easy.