WhiteSmoke 2011 is the new version of all-in-one WhiteSmoke English writing solution which enhance and correct grammar, spelling, and writing style. WhiteSmoke Writer is based on natural language processing (NLP) technology and features a unique and patented artificial intelligence algorithms for text analysis.

WhiteSmoke 2011 is a software package which combines real-time proofreading for grammar, speedling and writing style correction, plus a multilingual dictionary, various writing templates for different writing scenarios and text translation into one offering.

Features of WhiteSmoke 2011 include:

  • Grammar and Spelling Checker – Comprehensive grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure and styles checkers
  • Full Text Translation – Translate full texts from any application in one click
  • Multi-Lingual Dictionary – Understand foreign languages with one easy click
  • Artificial Intelligence – With algorithms based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology, your writing couldn’t be in better hands
  • Usage Example – Use words properly in a sentence
  • Writing Review – Feedback and tips on writing
  • Enrichment – Enrich the text with right words

WhiteSmoke has a unique ‘sentence processing’ model which gives user detailed score on his or her writings, and presents user with suggestions for improvement. In addition to the writing tab, WhiteSmoke 2011 features business, legal, medical and general templates which ensure that the users’ writing will be suitable for their selected style.

WhiteSmoke Writer 2011, similar to WhiteSmoke 2010, is available in a few editions, namely WhiteSmoke General Writing Version 2011, All Include Packs 2011 with several writing profiles, and Executive Writing Version 2011 which includes all available writing profiles such as General, Business, Creative, Medical, Legal, Hi Tech and more prepared templates.

People who are interested in WhiteSmoke, but want to try out WhiteSmoke, can check out the WhiteSmoke demo (aff) or download the free trial of WhiteSmoke Writer 2011 (aff), where the downloaded WhiteSmokeWriterGeo8973_en.exe will run to download full standalone offline WhiteSmoke Writer 2011 setup installer at http://get.whitesmoke.com/WhiteSmoke_2011_Trial.exe. WhiteSmoke has also prepared various English and grammar lessons (aff) for visitors who want to improve commanding of English.

If you plan to buy, do remember to always check for promotional offer which allows you to save up to 50% off WhiteSmoke software products (aff).