WhiteSmoke, or its new full name WhiteSmoke Writer, is one of the industry leading writer software for enhancing English writing. WhiteSmoke Writer is an innovative proofreading and editing tool complete with a grammar checker, writing style checker, writing review, dictionary-thesaurus, and more to help user writes better, and it works alongside all text-based applications to help users write correct English every time. The new version of WhiteSmoke, WhiteSmoke Writer 2010 has just been released with some major updates.

New Features and Enhancements in WhiteSmoke Writer 2010

  • Writing Review – A new way of getting feedback from WhiteSmoke about the quality of the text. Working alongside WhiteSmoke Writer’s grammar, spelling, and style suggestions, Writing Review gives an analysis of other text-wide factors, such as passive verb frequency, average sentence length, complex word use, and more. Based on these factors and grammar, spelling, and style issues, the text is given an overall score.
  • Revamped GUI – Work-flow has been improved.
  • Faster performance.
  • All-round improvements to the precision of the checking algorithms.
  • Better compatibility with Word Perfect and Open Office, as well as with all 64 bit versions of Windows operating systems.

Overall Highlights of WhiteSmoke 2010

  • Grammar Checker
  • Style Checker
  • Spell Checker
  • Punctuation Checker
  • Dictionary-Thesaurus
  • Writing Review
  • Error Explanations
  • Letter Templates
  • AutoCorrect
  • Notifier and Everywhere

WhiteSmoke Writer 2010, similar to WhiteSmoke 2009, is available in a few editions, namely WhiteSmoke General Writing Version, Business Writing Version, Creative Writing Version, Hi-Tech Writing Version, BIO-Medical Writing Version and Executive Writing Version, the complete solution that also comes with Legal version.

People who are interested in WhiteSmoke, but want to try out WhiteSmoke, can check out the WhiteSmoke demo (aff) or download the free trial of WhiteSmoke Writer 2010 (aff), where the downloaded whitesmoke_install.exe will run to download full standalone offline WhiteSmoke Writer 2010 setup installer at http://get.whitesmoke.com/WhiteSmoke_2010_Trial.exe. WhiteSmoke has also prepared various English and grammar lessons (aff) for visitors who want to improve commanding of English.

Those who intends to purchase WhiteSmoke Writer 2010 can head directly to WhiteSmoke Software website (aff), where regular promotions and deals offers saving of up to 50% OFF WhiteSmoke Software products (aff), without the need of discount code, coupon code or promo code. Sometimes the deal is even sweeter or is even a steal, such as 2010 Special Launch Pack which offers 75% discount.

Update: WhiteSmoke 2011