The leading innovator of award-winning connected home audio solutions, Grace Digital Audio has launched its new Wi-Fi Bookshelf Music System (GDI-IRMS300), which the company claims as the world’s first Internet radio system to equip 2 large, powerful bookshelf speakers (3.5″ woofers, 1″ tweeters and 16W RMS Class D digital amplifier) and Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity, delivering a superior concert feel without the hassle and cost of setting up a full home audio system, seems perfect for your apartment, den as well as office use.

“We’ve had many request from our customers that don’t have space for a home stereo, but want a little more sound than a tabletop,” said Greg Fadul, Chief Marketing Officer of Grace Digital Audio. “We are pleased to offer them the new Wi-Fi Bookshelf Music System. The micro-system provides a home stereo experience at a fraction of the size and cost!”

Grace Bookshelf Music System that supports Pandora, Sirius XM Internet Radio, CBS Radio, iheartradio,, MP3Tunes, NPR, National Weather Service, and new for 2011, WeatherBug and Rhapsody the number-one premium on-demand music service is now available at, and other U.S. retailers for an MSRP of $249.99.