I was pretty skeptical when I first received my Extreme Nexus 95 mW Wicked Laser pointer. There’s no question that 95 mW is pretty powerful… especially when compared to a standard 5 mW consumer laser pointer. But what makes a Wicked Laser “wicked”?

For starters, these lasers are no joke. They are strong. Very strong. The Extreme Nexus has a 38 mile visibility range. What happens when you bring that power into your average everyday life? If you tried to use to use a Wicked Laser at your next conference room presentation, it would be total overkill. The entire projection screen would glow so bright from the laser that you wouldn’t be able to see anything. Not to mention that this laser is powerful enough to light matches, burn plastic and pop balloons.

What else makes these Chinese military grade lasers so special? See methodshop.com review or review by My Digital Life is here.