Wicked Lasers is a Chinese based company that is known for making high-powered lasers that can melt plastic, burn paper, and light matches. So what would you expect when I told you they made a flashlight called the TORCH?

The Torch, according to Wicked Lasers is the “world’s brightest and most powerful flashlight” and has “4100 Lumens with an adjustable high efficiency reflector.” A typical flashlight is 100 Lumens. So what can you do with 4100 Lumens? How about fry an egg or toast a marshmallow.

Why you would want to cook an omelette with a flashlight is beyond me, but its nice to know you could. The Torch sells for about $300. The biggest drawback to the Torch is the battery life is a low 15 minutes.

Methodshop did a full review of the TORCH with several demonstrational videos of stuff being burned to a crisp.