Having limited socket to charge your iPhone and iPod touch together? Well, WildCharge now introduces you its latest innovation WildCharger Pad designed particularly for iPhone and iPodTouch. This new WildCharger Pad for iPhone and iPodTouch works on a similar concept like the Wildcharger Pad for Motorola Razr which was introduced in an earlier post. Users just need to plug the power outlet from the pad to the socket and place their iPhone and iPod which are wrapped with the soft and mate black WildCharge Skins for iPhone and iPodTouch. The charger pad will correspond with the WildCharge Skins and charge the iPhone and iPodTouch automatically.

The WildCharge case is only available for iPod Touch at this point of time. The iPhone skin will be available in July. For a mere of $34.99, users can get a WildCharge skin for their iPhone or iPod Touch.