Previously we mentioned about an innovative idea on how to recharge batteries kinetically with Baoding balls, now seems that the similar concept has been applied by Wind Up Battery that makes the battery recharging much simpler especially when you have hard time getting a suitable power socket to charge it in conventional way.


Being designed in elegant and stylish outlook, it consists of sufficient elements to make the recharging possible through kinetic energy. Internally, there is a subminiature dynamo that will be rotated through a tiny knob and those energy will be transferred and stored in rechargeable battery cell needed for future use. After completed recharging and not in use, the knob can be folded and stored back so that it can be fitted well just like other cylindrical shape AA or AAA battery cell compatible for common electronics devices in the market. On top of this, users can always switch it back to normal charging mode through traditional charger connected to power outlet.

Some may wonder how long it takes to fully charge the batteries and typically, winding it for 5 minutes will get as much as 45 percent of power capacity, while continues for 20 minutes will get it fully charged ready for use. No pricing and availability, the new design concept can be applied in other battery cell such as either AA, AAA types and many more.