Customers who buy Windows 7 via online stores such as Digital River may receive the delivery of Windows 7 installation files by way of electronic software distribution (ESD). User who only wants to download Windows 7 installation files via official and verified source can choose to download the ESD files instead, which contains, and a edition-specific Windows 7 setup installer, and not in ISO format, although it’s easy to make a bootable Windows 7 DVD or ISO with the unloaded Windows 7 setup files.

Users who do not want to download Windows 7 ISO images which widely available on Bit Torrent (BT) network can download the ESD version of Windows 7 setup installer instead. Normally, Windows 7 setup installer that is downloaded via ESD channel is meant for upgrade version license or product key, and hence no ISO for burning to DVD or USB flash drive is provided.

Now the direct download links to the Windows 7 operating system distributed via digital software distribution channel online have been leaked. The installation files of Windows 7 is hosted on the server on domain owned by Digital River, one of the delivery partners for Vista and also the brain behind Windows Marketplace e-commerce store.

Similar to 32-bit (x86) Windows 7 setup installer, each editions of Windows 7 has its own different and separate download links, and the setup installer package comes in 3 parts, which is an executable that starts the extraction or unpacking and installation process, plus and After extracting all content to a folder named ExpandedSetup, the installation files should be the same with what contains on a DVD.

Windows 7 Direct Download Links

64-bit Windows 7 Professional x64 English
File Size: 75.9 MB
MD5: 73D13A1000069E372F7478CF1C426B7A
SHA-1: 6B7D87BF0BE0D3BAE4A5E4550260BDF6A5600534
File Size: 2.66 GB
MD5: 7B29E21B7F6BC0850E65085205B5EAFE
SHA-1: 47D4131ACD1DA3A96F19244FE4D840EB18C2057C
File Size: 160 MB
MD5: 87DCC913A7BBBFCFA2C2526C2E894F97
SHA-1: 4076CA5224D6D2E7338AB286BF31912D8404E016

64-bit Windows 7 Professional x64 Spanish

64-bit Windows 7 Professional x64 Dutch

64-bit Windows 7 Professional x64 French

Update: Windows 7 ISO official direct download links is now available.

Note: Directly download above link via HTTP may result in corrupted files, as the web server seems to randomly terminate and cut off connection stream as the download size approaches 2GB or more. If you have corrupted files or incomplete files, try to use a download manager.

After downloading the files, simply double click on the executable, e.g. Win7-P-Retail-en-us-x86.exe to start unloading the box and to install Windows 7. Note that 3 files must be put together in the same directory. You still need a product key to activate installed Windows 7.

To make the ISO or DVD disc out of the Windows 7 ESD files, follow the hack to create or make bootable Windows 7 DVD ISO images out of downloaded files.

Want Windows 7 Ultimate or Home Premium setup installer instead? It’s possible to get other edition of Windows 7 installation files or ISO other than the one defaulted to the one downloaded, try hack to change the edition of the Windows 7 installation files.