For consumer who think the up to 58% discount on Windows 7 pre-order promotion by Microsoft and other leading retailers is not good enough, how about getting Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade edition at just $39.99, and Windows 7 Professional edition at just $89.99? That’s $10 cheaper than official Microsoft discount pre-order price.

From now till Sunday, June 28th, 2009, Micro Center is distributing the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade coupon which entitles customer to buy Windows 7 Home Premium license at $39.99, $80 discount from regular price or Windows 7 Professional Upgrade coupon which entitles customer to buy Windows 7 Professional license at $89.99, $110 discount from Windows 7 regular listed price.

To receive the Windows 7 Upgrade coupon, just head to one of the 21 Micro Center stores nationwide, and request a upgrade coupon from an associate. Name, address and email are required, although no purchase necessary.

Do note that receiving the coupon is not pre-ordering Windows 7. No payment is required, and customer has to return to Micro Center between 10/22/09 – 11/4/09 with your Windows® 7 Upgrade coupon to purchase the Windows 7 Upgrade edition at heavily discounted price. Thus, the coupon is useful for end-users who still can’t decide whether to upgrade to Windows 7, and don’t want to commit now by pre-ordering, but want to lock in the best deal price for highest savings.

More details at Micro Center homepage.