The Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher/Changer is a utility which helps end-users to quickly change, convert and make an edition of Windows 7 ISO image into another edition or language, without having to waste bandwidth re-download the Windows 7 installation DVD ISO image which is virtually the same, as Microsoft no longer offers “One Disc To Rule Them All” installation media to anybody including MSDN or TechNet subscribers, which would otherwise allows installation of any selectable Windows 7 editions.

Each edition and version of Windows 7 ISO images only differing in several bytes, and by altering these bytes on binary level, it’s possible to converts an image of one edition or version into another type, with complete identical hash checksums, file size and disc name of what would be downloaded officially from MSDN or TechNet Subscriber Downloads. However, the Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher, as a binary file patcher, depends on binary patches of various ISO images of Windows 7 in order to be able to patch and convert the ISO image.

With the release of Windows 7 SP1, new binary patches are required in order to support Windows 7 SP1 ISO images.

BitSwitcher has managed to compile and publish on My Digital Life Forums an updated binary patch files for Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Changer that not only supports Windows 7 with SP1 ISO image, but also includes binary patch files to convert to more language versions of the ISO images.

Note that Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher can only be used to convert any edition of 32-bit image of same language into another edition of 32-bit image of same edition, and any edition of 64-bit image of same language into another edition of 64-bit image of same language.

The latest binary patch files set for Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher can be download from MDL Forums (bin-patch-update.7z).

Note: The new 7z ZIP package has been updated with binary patches for Windows 7 SP1-U Media Refresh ISO images released on May 2011.

Do follow the thread on MDL Forums for any latest and newly updated binary patch files set available.

The package contains the patch files and hash checksums for the following Windows 7 ISO images:

  • Windows 7 (RTM): English (including N-1, N & E), German (including N-1), Thai
  • Windows 7 SP1: English (including N), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Russian, Spanish (including N), Turkish
  • Win 7 SP1 Media Refresh: English (including N)
  • CDImage 2.46/2.47/2.54

If you want only the support for Windows 7 SP1 English ISO images, steven4554 has nicely packaged an updated version of the Windows 7 SP1 English ISO Image Edition Switcher (RTM is not supported). Download the win7sp1_rtm_iso_switcher.7z.

The steps to patch the ISO file in order to convert it to another edition is not changed:

  1. Run binpatch.exe.
  2. Select the the patch for the target edition that you want (use the ReadMe document in the archive to determine the file name of binary patch, which is named based on the label of the DVD media).
  3. Select the ISO disc image that you want to convert from.
  4. After patching, verify the SHA-1 hash of the final file and compare that with Microsoft’s official hash to verify that the patch was successfully completed.

The Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Converter does not support converting to and from Enterprise edition though as the Enterprise edition installation discs are significantly different and cannot be be simply patched. In addition, patches to convert to the OEM editions are not available because, except for
Starter, these editions have not been posted to MSDN or TechNet, and thus there are no hashes of which can be used to verify the correctness of such a patch.