Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) has been one annoying situation that can happens when using Windows operating system, where you can’t do anything except to let the system restarts itself, losing all unsaved works. Apparently Windows 8 will be featuring a refreshed version of BSoD, still a BSoD, but Black Screen of Death, with the background switches to black instead of usual blue.

Ironically, the acronym of BSoD still apply for the Windows 8’s Black Screen of Death. However, the change is not confirmed to be permanent feature of final Windows 8 product, as Microsoft has a history of changing background color of system crash BSoD before, when developed Windows Longhorn build 5112.

With the leak of Windows 8 M2 (Pre-M3) Build 7955, the new Black Screen of Death in Windows 8 has been added, and an anonymous user who gets hold of the Windows 8 M2 Build 7955 has managed to film a video of BSoD when Windows encounters fatal error, and posted to YouTube.

From the video, Microsoft seems determined to make the BSoD more user friendly, and more informative. However, without providing any suggestion to fix the error that causes the BSoD, it’s likely that most users will dread to see that screen. But one thing is for sure though. The new Black Screen of Death does made Windows 8 more elegant and more beautiful in user interface.