Windows Genuine Advantage Validation has been updated to version or 1.7.0036.0 since May. WGA validation is anti-pirary measure used by Microsoft in Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and up-coming Server 2008 to limit the ability of illegitimate Windows users to download extras and updates. WGA v1.7.36.0 is believed to only deploy to some system running Windows XP.

Again, Team ETH0 was quick to release a crack or patch for WGA As usual, the patched and cracked WGA by ETH0 only works on Windows Updates and Microsoft Download Center, and removes any non-genuine notification nag message. The crack does not bypass the separate built-in genuine validation test in the setup installer. So you still won’t be able to install WMP11 or IE7 with just cracked LegitCheckControl.dll.


Unpack the zip achive, and then unpack again wga17360.rar. Run install.bat to automatically apply the patch. If you never have any WGA DLLs installed on your system, you may have some error message shown below, which can be ignored.

  • The process “wgatray.exe” not found
  • Could Not Find C:\Windows\system32\wgatray.exe.old
  • Could Not Find C:\Windows\system32\wgalogon.dll.old
  • The system cannot find the file specific

Guide to more ways to crack and bypass WGA.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purpose only.

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  • Paolo Roma

    eccezionale! grazie tutto risolto per ora!!! va a meraviglia! grazie buon anno

  • Justin

    Just thought i'd let you all know that the old WGA Permanent Patch Kit STILL WORKS GREAT EVEN ON SP3!

  • Ruben

    wait, i don't understand.. I downloaded the patch wpa_registry.rar (because the one from My Digital Life wasn't working), ran it, they say the registration was successful or something.. and then what… how do i get that update, cause they still ask me to activate Windows…

  • henk

    You need a registry patch to install ie7 mediaplayer 11. see also my digital life wga patch.

    The patch is called wpa_registry.rar.

    Link in My digital life is not valid anymore.

    Please find below an available link (found via google, checked and could be downloaded tonight.

    Run patch while the activation is requested by microsoft, a registry patch update will bypass the check and the file can be installed.

    (anti spyware software as spysweeper had to be stopped as this elliminated the update by myself, NOD32 anivirus could be left on.



  • ben

    hana- Sorry I meant the crack 'installs' fine, but validation from the m$ site still fails.

    Anyway I fixed it all using the registry entry from one of the other pages here.

  • hana

    ben- The crack does not bypass the separate built-in genuine validation test in the setup installer. So you still won’t be able to install WMP11 or IE7 with just cracked LegitCheckControl.dll.from admin…they'r right!

  • ben

    This doesnt work for me, installs fine but validation checks still fail.

  • hana

    john, yes i got updates now,…thks …im working on IE7 & WMP11…

  • John

    hana – what happens when you go to the WU site?

  • hana

    hi everyone! “Windows Genuine Validation 1.7.0036.0 Patch Crack” worked but, i wonder why i cant recieve updates still, its just removes any non-genuine notification messages. i also did rapidshare's keygen,still dint work…somebody help me plzzzzzzz…tks

  • Rapidshare don't really work for me. Can you post the file somewhere else? Thanks.

  • Justin

    its a crappy site what do u expect? but seriously stop posting links to crapidshare stuff and maybe theyll stop deleting them. post themn on a real file host like

  • admin

    Sorry Justin, multiple comments spam has been deleted.

  • Justin

    Cool thanx but,

    can u upload it to a real filehost plz, not crapidshare. try fileden or something plz. I cant stand crapidshare. thanx though.

  • yes ..i downloaded a geniune windows crack from… it works fine too

  • Justin

    why would people even bother with Team etho or whatever there name is. Just use the WGA Permanent Patch Kit. It works forever and makes your Windows 100% genuine. As if you bought it.