The previous article on methods to disable the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Notifications and crack the WGA Validation Tool has became a bit messy, with lots of the bypass methods no longer works, or too troublesome to hack, and with wealth of information mined in the comments section. This article is the updated version which contains only the popular and easiest working methods on how to crack, disable or remove the WGA Validation Tool and WGA Notifications from your Windows XP machine, and how to bypass genuine Windows validation required when downloading certain software apps such as Windows Defender, DirectX, Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player from Microsoft, and when during to process to install the application.

WGA Version Release History (1.9.0042.0) on 2010 (1.9.0040.0) on 26t March 2009 (1.9.0009.1) on 6th February 2009 (1.9.0009.0) on 8th January 2009 (1.8.0032.1) on 22nd November 2008 (Possibly Fake) (1.8.0032.0) on 18th October 2008 (Possibly Fake) (1.8.0031.9) on 23rd September 2008 (1.8.0031.0) on 26th August 2008 (1.7.0069.2) on 18th March 2008 in Vista and 1st April 2008 in XP (1.7.0069.1) on 21st March 2008 (1.7.0059.1) on 18th October 2007 (1.7.0059.0) on 7th October 2007
1.7.0036.0 ( on May 2007
1.7.0018.7 (
1.7.0018.5 ( on 21st March 2007
1.7.0018.1 ( on 28th February 2007 (Download link – Improved setup, user interface and user assistance.)
1.7.0017.0 ( on 16th February 2007
1.5.723.1 on December 2006
1.5.722.0 on 7th December 2006 (Download the from here or go to validate Windows to install the ActivaX.)
1.5.716.0 on 31 October 2006 (previously released via Genuine Microsoft Software page, and click on Validate Now button. It’s possible that this version is released by other events such as when downloading from Microsoft. Only LegitCheckControl.dll is updated. Thanks to Sari.)
1.5.708.0 on September 2006 (distribute to whoever wants to download from Microsoft Download Center. Only LegitCheckControl.dll is updated.)
1.5.560.0 on 27th November 2006 (KB905474 Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications direct download link location – Enhanced features: Improved Setup with a new installation wizard that provides an overview of the tool, shows validation results immediately at the end of the installation process, and requires no reboot. Redesigned User Interface on system tray notifications to more visually appealing with clear links to full details of each message and further options for resolving any problems. Improved User Assistance with improved messaging for users who are unable to complete validation, along with links to more and better self-help tools.)
1.5.554.0 on September 2006 (direct download link URL)
1.5.540.0 on 28th June 2006 (direct download link URL)
1.5.532.2 on 6th June 2006 (direct download link URL)
1.5.532.0 on 30th May 2006
1.5.530.0 on 23rd May 2006
1.5.526.0 on 26th April 2006 Domain Redirection Trick with Hosts File Entry – Permanently Genuine

The simple hack will make your Windows XP always genuine and activated, by simply routing the validation callback to your own PC.

Universal and All-in-One Way to Make Windows Activated (Passed WPA), Disable and Remove WGA Validation Tool (KB892130) and WGA Notifications (KB905474), plus Bypass and Skip Genuine Windows Validation required when Download and Installation of Software for Genuine Licensed Microsoft Customers

Note: This method most likely works on Windows XP SP2 (Service Pack 2) only. If you still haven’t upgrade to SP2, you can download Windows XP Service Pack 2 that no need any validation to download and install via direct download link.

  1. Download the WindowsLicense.rar or wpa_registry.rar (links and downloads removed due to complaint from Microsoft) archive files which contains the same registry’s registration file with .reg extension.
  2. Extract the archive to retrieve the registration file.
  3. Double click on the registry entry file (with .reg extension), and answer Yes when asked whether want to add the information to the registry to hack the registry.
  4. The Windows is fully licensed, legal, genuine and activated. You should be able to pass all validation of Windows Genuine Advantage program required at anywhere, including Windows Update or Microsoft Update, Microsoft Download Center, validate with Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool, validate from Genuine Microsoft Windows online, setup installation of WGA apps and etc. Of course, until the next Microsoft update.

The registration file actually put in the following registry keys and branches to the Windows registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents] "OOBETimer"=hex:ff,d5,71,d6,8b,6a,8d,6f,d5,33,93,fd

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion] "CurrentBuild"="1.511.1 () (Obsolete data - do not use)"

If you can’t download the files above, simply open any text editor, copy and paste the above text (make sure the format is text only and not a rich text, as the quotation marks (which is distorted by WordPress) matter to make the registration file you created yourself works), and the save the file with .reg extension. The double click on the .reg you created to apply the registry trick.

Note: Some users reported that the hack on the registry trick is erased, reverted or reset once reboot or restart your PC. If so, use the patch or crack listed below for your version of WGA.

Make Windows Genuine and Legally Licensed by Changing Windows XP Product Key (CD Key)

A bit tough method, as most likely the Windows XP license key or CD key or volume license key (VLK) that is leaked where you can find on the web is already or will be blocked and blacklisted by Microsoft. However, if you can find a OEM PC preinstalled with genuine Windows or computer that installed with legal and activated copy of Windows, you can retrieve the unique Windows Product Key or CD key from the PC and share to use the product license key on your copy of Windows. Of course, it’s against the TOS (Terms of Service) for Windows OS, and not advisable.

If you still want to try to find a valid VLK or product key serial of Windows, and use and update the valid key to your non genuine and non legal copy of Windows XP, here’s a list of tools and utilities to retrieve or modify and change the Windows XP Product CD Key. Here is the step-by-step guide to change product key to make Windows genuine permanently.

Warning: If you use a invalid or demo CD or Product Key, you may screw up your Windows installation and need to re-validate the Windows.

Patched or Cracked Version of LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe

If the above methods do not work, you can try to use the cracked or patched version of WGA related files in order to trick and hack WGA validation agent to believe that the Windows is genuine.

WGA version (1.9.0042.0)

Download WGA crack for v1.9.40.0.

WGA version (1.9.0040.0)

Download WGA crack for v1.9.40.0.

WGA version (1.9.0009.1)

Download WGA crack for v1.9.9.1.

WGA version (1.9.0009.0)

Download WGA crack for v1.9.9.0.

WGA version (1.8.0032.1) (Possibly Fake)

Download WGA crack for v1.8.32.1.

WGA version (1.8.0032.0) (Possibly Fake)

Download the crack for v1.8.32.0 of WGA.

WGA version (1.8.0031.9)

Download the crack for v1.8.31.9 of WGA.

WGA version (1.8.0031.0)

Download the crack for v1.8.31.0 of WGA.

WGA version (1.7.0069.2)

For both Windows XP and Windows Vista and other Windows Server 2003/2008 product, visit the details here.

WGA version (1.7.0069.1)

Cracks from ETH0 available here.

WGA version (1.7.0059.1)

Visit here for crack details.

WGA version (1.7.0059.0)

Visit here for crack details. This version onwards, WGA Notifications files will be deleted.

WGA version (1.7.0036.0)

Visit here for crack details.

WGA version (1.7.0018.5)

More details and ways to bypass v. here.

WGA version (1.7.0018.1)

More details and ways to bypass v. here.

WGA version (1.7.0017.1)

Visit here for download link and more details.

WGA version 1.5.723.1

Download crack for 1.5.723.1 version of WGA (download removed due to complaints from MS), more information and installation instruction can be found here. Partially works to enable download from Windows Update, Microsoft Download Center, and eliminate the non-genuine warning message.

WGA version 1.5.722.0

Download WGA crack for v1.5.722.0 (link removed due to request from MS), more information and installation instruction here. Able to fool WGA validation in Windows Update, Microsoft Download Center, and stop the non-genuine warning message.

WGA version 1.5.716.0

Fully workable crack (except validation during setup) for WGA v1.5.716.0 by downloading LegitCheckControl v1.5.716.0 patch (download removed due to complaints from Microsoft), visit 1.5.716.0 crack page for details and patch instruction, with thanks to ESI.

Not recommended partially working way, download Windows.Genuine.Advantage.Validation.v1.5.716.0.Crack (download removed by MS) by ETH0, which contains an installer.bat which will automatically terminate and kill WgaTray.exe process, backup and then replace the originals with patched LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaTray.exe and WgaLogon.dll. Or you can download the cracked LegitCheckControl.dll (download removed by MS) and replace the downloaded modified to overwrite the original LegitCheckControl.dll in \Windows\System32.

Alternatively, try to uninstall and remove WGA ver 1.5.716.0 by removing the LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe from \Windows\System32 folder, and download the WGA v1.5.554.0 or v1.5.540.0 from the link above, and apply the patch for WGA 1.5.554.0 or 1.5.540.0.

WGA version 1.5.708.0

The patch and crack to this version of WGA tools is not working in its entirety on every Windows installation. You may try to download patched and fixed version of LegitCheckControl.dll (link removed due to MS request) and replace the original LegitCheckControl.dll version 1.5.708.0 in \Windows\System32 folder. Another patched LegitCheckControl.dll, which is “upgraded” from previous version of LegitCheckControl.dll is available here or here (downloads removed by Microsoft). It’s a installer that will install patched LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.708.0, WgaLogon.dll v1.5.540.0 and WgaTray.exe v1.5.540.0, and will works on Windows Update and disable the non-genuine warning message in Windows XP only. Visit this article for more information.

Alternatively, try to uninstall and remove WGA ver 1.5.708.0 by removing the LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe from \Windows\System32 folder, and download the WGA v1.5.554.0 or v1.5.540.0 from the link above, and apply the patch for WGA 1.5.554.0 or 1.5.540.0.

WGA version 1.5.554.0

Download and install the patched and cracked WGA KB905474 installer from here (link down due to complaint from Microsoft) that will install fixed LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe. If you want to replace the files manually, download this zip file (download removed due to complaint from Microsoft). Visit this article for more information.

WGA version 1.5.540.0

Download the cracked KB905474 WGA Notifications installer setup file that contains patched version of LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe from here and here (removed due to DMCA request from Microsoft). Run the installer setup to crack the WGA so that your Windows will appear genuine and valid.

WGA version 1.5.532.2

Download the patched WGA Notifications installer from here (removed due to DMCA complaint from BSA). Installation of the patched installer will install cracked LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe to replace the original unmodified version of the files. Alternatively, you can replace the original version of LegitCheckControl.dll manually by downloading the cracked LegitCheckControl.dll from here (link removed due to MS DMCA request) and extract it.

WGA version 1.5.532.0

Download LegitCheckControl1.5.532.0.muiz.fixed.rar (removed due to complaint from Microsoft), extract the content and execute the executable that will replace the original WGA file LegitCheckControl.dll with the cracked edition.

WGA version 1.5.530.0

Download the WGA cracks by ICU or ETH0 (downloads removed due to complaints from Microsoft). Extract the content of the archive that contains patched edition of LegitCheckControl.dll. Replace the original edition of the LegitCheckControl.dll in the \Windows\System32 with the modified version.

Disable or Uninstall and Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications KB905474

If you never and don’t want to download and install any Microsoft software and don’t care about Windows updates, but just getting sick with the annoying warning nag message that keep telling you that your copy of Windows is not genuine and may be is a counterfeit software, you can use the official way posted by Microsoft to disable or uninstall the WGA Notifications. The trick is simple, by just deleting or renaming 2 files i.e. WgaTray.exe and WgaLogon.dll and follows a few simple steps to unregister LegitCheckControl.dll and remove the WGA registry entries.

Bypass genuine Windows validation required during download and installation of Microsoft software exclusive for WGA genuine customers with Direct Download Link and specific application installation instructions

If all of the above methods failed rendering the Windows installed as non-genuine and counterfeit copy, making it unaccessible to various services and software apps that available exclusively to genuine Microsoft customers with valid licenses only, under Windows Genuine Advantage program. WGA restricts access to some programs by requiring validate process to check if the Windows is genuine or not when trying to download the program setup file or when during the installation of the said program.

However, it’s still possible to directly download the WGA protected or restricted software apps from Microsoft by using the direct download link or URL to the installer setup files. This method will allows downloading from Microsoft without passing thru or skip the validation check.

Once downloaded, the application can be installed by using specific instructions that valid only for the respective program setup installation only. For some of the bypass WGA method for popular applications, follow the below links.

Internet Explorer 7
Windows Media Player 11
Windows Defender

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and educational purpose only, and most information is found and retrieved from Internet. Readers should contacts Microsoft if their purchased or OEM software license cannot be validated.

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  • James

    copy, paste and save as .reg file is the best. it works for me!

  • Xtremepra20

    i have genuine windows 7 ultimate cd but, after full installation during activation through internet i got message "This product key can't be used for activating this computer".Plz help me!

  • jr
  • Loner

    i got the registry edit to make windows think its genuine to work on my comp <3 installed the new Microsoft Security Essentials no problem.

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  • John

    To Helios and anyone else trying to apply this fix to Windows 7.

    This patch is for WGA.

    Windows 7 does not have WGA.

    Consequently this fix is NOT for Windows 7.

    I know this might sound controversial, but have you not considered reading the instructions before downloading and installing it on an OS that it is not intended for?

  • Helios

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, but teh crack doesn't work, what can i do?

  • Mario

    Excellent patch!

    I just installed and in less than 5 seconds I got rid of this nightmare!

    Thanks Guys!!!

  • minerzero

    Hi there!

    That "registry editing" trick worked like a dream:) My XP (sp3) is no more nagging, works just it should.

    10 out of 10 for that little trick, just go for it!!

    (Helps if your XP is nagging: "Your copy of Windows may be illegal" or similar)

    marminer a.k.a minerzero

  • FunMan here youre are the link to download regestry file that provides you to use your windows like licensed

  • Lisa WildCat

    The Ultimate Windows Genuine Advantage hack:

    All you need to do is prevent XP from calling home. I have done this with a XP install using a Corp Key & installed WMP successfully after hitting VALIDATE button, and even get windows updates with any hitch.


    1. Go to C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc folder. HOSTS file in Notepad

    3. add

    4. save

    Thats it !!! when windows attempted to call home the requests just gets bounced back to your PC.

    The way it works is any domain listed in the HOSTS file is blocked from connecting. This by the way is how some virus programs prevent you from connecting to the internet by generating a list of sites in the HOSTS file to prevent connection.



  • Louli

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  • Windows User

    JUST download wpa registry from google, double click, and instant solution! Thanks so much.

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    I've found a better cr*ck, it activ*tes your windows, cr*cks WGA and p*tches hosts file so WGA cannot connect to microsoft. By that ways your windows will be fully genuine forever.

    The best of the best.


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    There you can download Microsoft Horror Anti-Virus Edition!

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    I guess that the easyest way to disable WGA is by using this soft: RemoveWGA
    it has a trojan but it works

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    how do we crack??

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    I used to be able to type "my digital life the previous article" into the engine and get this page as the first result, but now, I can't even get it to list!

  • Ron


    Probably you refer to trying to get the update to MediaPlayer 11 – yes I did have that too. Then I used the other links on this site to directly download MS updates, for MP 11. The download worked and the MP11 installed, so try that.
    best of luck and keep trying

  • integra

    i cannot update my windows anymore, i use the version..

    each time i validate it always show "The product key found on this computer is not valid for use in your region." what happen ?…

  • Ron

    WGA version (1.9.0009.1) worked for me, Autoupdate downloaded and installed IE8 after that.

  • alex

    it works, its great thx but is that "u're computer will shot down in 1 min" thing at the end of the installation doing anything bad?cause im a little scared now…

  • spade

    WGA_1991 work 4 me..

    but i'm just wondering does this crack made my OS genuine again? or did it just remove the nag notification? just wondering.. many thanks! keep it up!!!

  • HackThePlanet

    Thanx ETH0, crack worked for KB892130 WGA ver on XP pro got rid of annoying validation banner on desktop, gave me my background back and let me do all express and custom windows updates. Just running .bat file only got rid of banner on desktop, I extracted the 3 reccomended files to loc using winrar, reboot and it all worked. I still get a popup at logon prompting to do wga check, but this is easily closed & move on.

    Best part is after crack I got my ATI CCC back, I noticed it quit working right after my VLK got locked down.

    Very Cool thx for info!

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    Thank you very much for your help…

    Now my previous ungenuine copy of Windows is now genuine!!!

    Thank you so much…

  • John

    Version 1.9.0040.0 appeared on 24th March 2009.

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    Hi ADEL

    Look at this article:… (How to Enable the Registry Editor When Disabled by Administrator)

    thanks a lot for this site!!!

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    My PC gave me a Registry Editor " Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator" and my account is the administrator

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    i need wga cracks

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  • ceciru

    thank you so much for this site :)

  • abee worked, no nagging pop ups but in ADD OR REMOVE

    PROGRAMMES, this KB905474 is still there, says this update can not be removed, does it make a difference bcos since 2 days my PC keeps on shutting off all the time, any connections, any solutions friends?? Cheers

  • aardvark

    The SP2 that I got via the direct download link (above) did not work Win XP SP1. I had done a Repair from the install CD, then download all the updates up to SP2. When I tried to install SP2, I got a "Service Pack 2 setup error" saying my version of windows does not match the SP2 file. What DOES WORK is the SP3 that I downloaded from the Microsoft web site.

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    Quote: "Note: This method most likely works on Windows XP SP2 (Service Pack 2) only. "

    Does this mean it is not advisable to upgrade to SP3 as I'm still under SP2? Also, my Windows version isn't genuine.

    Thanks for the help. :)

  • John

    To what jg says:

    If you are installing an unlicenced version of XP and patching it, then you need the corporate pro version which does not have an activation mechanism in it.

    WMP has a separate check built into it.

    This patch does not address either of those issues, and does not purport to.

  • jg

    I made the registry updates and was able to install/validate Windows Media Player 11. But after a reboot the registry values go back to what they were and the activation popup keeps coming up. So I'm at SP3 with all the latest critical patches, and WMP 11 is working so the only thing left is to get the annoying 30 day to activate popup to disapper. Anyone want to help out with that? Thanks.

  • jg

    I installed and it's not working. It did allow me to get windows updates (so I'm at SP3 plus additional fixes) but it won't let me run Windows Media Player. Plus the 30 day activation icon keeps popping up in the lower right corner? Any idea or help???


  • Eric Buist

    I am trying all sorts of instructions to remove the WGA nagware, with absolutely no luck. I always come to patches to download, and the links are broken. If I google around for patches, I get viruses and trojans. It really seems that this is a no-go. There is no way to get rid of the nag, except throwing away the whole computer and purchasing a machine from Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. Buying parts and assembling a machine ourselves is not the solution, because it adds up a 200$ cost for a genuine Windows.

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  • Dave


    Here's a link to the latest WGA

    Windows Genuine Advantage Notification Wga


  • bob

    lol just download a version of windows, that doesn't require an activation – and you're out of a hell lot of trouble ^^

  • 24-09-2008 new WGA

  • Hello i am Jeroen Roland, if have in Windows XP Home Edition you have big problem

    overwrite “OOBETimer” and “ProductId”=”

    and “DigitalProductId and “LicenseInfo your computer do not more start and control licence, this licence work only Windows XP Professional and different file gene pidgen.dll, licdll.dll dpcdll.dll Oembios.dat,sig,bin copy repair register back Windows
    epair to Windowssystem32config

  • the fucker of fucking shit!

  • Do you have news about the new version wga ? ?

  • John

    On 26th August 2008, a new version of WGA has appeared which has the version number

  • John

    For a variety of reasons, some XP installations have difficulties with the registry fix as described in the actual text. If that is the case, then you need to abandon doing it that way and use the patch method.

    As has been described in various articles on this site, if you want to run a copy of XP, then it really needs to be the pro-corp version as you can run into various issues with other versions.

  • Margerate

    My version of windows was installed by a technision and he used a bung validation key. I'm trying to get my key working but I can't because it is a different type of XP. I look online for a way to rectify this and I get this shit. This website has oviosly been bought out. FUCK YOU HARD AND FUCK MICROSOFT TOO!!!

  • Fuck

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion]

    "CurrentBuild"="1.511.1 () (Obsolete data – do not use)"


    "DigitalProductId"=hex:a4,00,00,00,03,00,00,00 ,35, 35,32,37,34,2d,36,34,30,2d,

    31,30,31,31,38,37,33,2d,32,33,30,38,31,00,2e,00,00 ,00,41,32,32,2d,30,30,30,

    30,31,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,86,56,4e,4c,21,1b,2b,6a ,a3,78,8e,8f,98,5c,00,00,

    00,00,00,00,dd,da,47,41,cc,6b,06,00,00,00,00,00,00 ,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,

    00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,38,31,30,32,36,00 ,00,00,00,00,00,00,b5,16,

    00,00,83,83,1f,38,f8,01,00,00,f5,1c,00,00,00,00,00 ,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,

    00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00 ,66,e5,70,f3

    "LicenseInfo"=hex:33,b7,21,c1,e5,e7,cd,4b,fd,7 c,c6 ,35,51,fd,52,57,17,86,3e,18,

    d3,f4,8c,8e,35,32,7b,d1,43,8d,61,38,60,a4,ca,55,c9 ,9a,35,17,46,7a,4f,91,fc,


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWPAEvents]

    "OOBETimer"=hex:ff,d5,71,d6,8b,6a,8d,6f,d5,33, 93,f d

    This shit DO work, ignore the other shit here in mydigitallife. It FAILS

  • Fuck

    Has this site been bribed by MS or fucking what?

    Why the fuck have you changed the registry shit?

    The last one worked, but now it have been changed to some random shit that doesn't fucking work.

  • Elliot

    I currently have XP Home Edition installed and I do not have a valid product key, my question is, what happens when you "run out" of days to validate Windows?

  • eoin

    I am running XPSP2 and have failed WGA test. Can i still receive automatic updates with WGA failure?

  • freddo

    I have WGA (ver 1.05.0540.0000) running on my XP Pro/SP2 system. Today, 26th May 2008, I ran the registry update method listed on this web site.

    I did not reboot.

    I then went to the Windows update page. After doing "Checking for the latest updates for your computer", the web page said that in order to use Windows Update I must upgrade some Windows components first. There was no option to avoid this. When I said yes, it installed WGA. However the version running was still the same as before (ver 1.05.0540.0000).

    Then the dialog went into "Checking for the latest updates for your computer" once again. I got a screen saying "To get updates, you must first validate your Windows software."

    And then I failed the WGA test with a messag "The product key found on this computer was issued to an organization that is no longer using the key."

    Any ideas on how which approach to use next?

  • Soupstoned

    Regarding: Universal and All-in-One Way to Make Windows Activated …. with the Note: Some users reported that the hack on the registry trick is erased … at the end.

    I find that if Micro$oft reports that my copy is not valid, simply merge the .reg file again and it works – for a while. There is no problem with the .reg file, it just needs to be re-applied occasionally. A lot easier than any of the other approaches!

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  • Pingback: Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool v1.7.69.2 for Vista SP1 and XP Cracked by Hacker » My Digital Life()

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  • John

    As from 1st April 2008, version has appeared.

  • Pingback: Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Validation v1.7.69.1 Update » My Digital Life()

  • Blek

    Lara, Possible you have to load your sata drivers during strat up F2 or F6 Look in the lower bar during start-up.

    Put the respective HD drivers on a Floppy disk (Maybe via a USB external drive.

    You acn also simulate a bootable floppy dive on an USB flash disk. for files and instruction goto:

    Regards, Blek

  • Lara


    thanks v. much for the detailed explanation. I got hold of xp corporate (with a key) however have come across another problem now..

    ..I have xp retail installed which was updated for Feb 2008 (so v. recent) whoever, when i go now to install xp corporate everything is fine till the setup process decides to restart my laptio to continue installation of corporate (As a new installation). Ocne my pc boots and i get to the setup stage of selecting install/repair etc, my laptop completely shuts down! i've tried this several times now, with a different xp corporate as well, in case previous one was corrupt, but without fail my laptop shuts down at some points during the new installation over the retail (expired) xp pro.

    No idea what is going on, i don't think my laptop is overheating as boots fine into win xp. Might this be because my *current* xp pro version is so recent while corporate is not? (its dec 2007 version)

    any suggestions? this is driving me crazy..

  • John

    I think the easiest way to explain it is this.

    XP home and XP Pro retail require validation of the licence key as part of the installation procedure. If you don't have a key then you can only use the OS for the trial period after which you then have to have a key. The wga fix does not address the lack of a valid key for this purpose.

    XP Pro Corporate does not have that validation process. So provided you can get a key that enables you to use it, there is no trial period that expires, but the problem then arises when you try on-line updates where you get caught out with wga. These fixes do address that.

    However…. there is another problem. SP1 and the WU version of SP2 also include licence key checking when they are installed onto an existing system. So you need to install the XP and the service packs whilst avoiding that issue.

    The SP2 for administrators that you get from MS as a stand-alone file does not include the key check (unless they have altered it more recently).

    So you need either (a) a slipstreamed XP corp/SP1 install followed by the SP2 mentioned above, or (b) a slipstreamed SP2 install.

    When you add the fixes found here, some of them install wga, but others do not. For a fix to work, you have to already have wga on the computer.

    You can do that in two ways. Either (a) go to WU first, fail wga and then add the latest fix, or (b) install an earlier fix first like the 1.5.540.0 which does install the wga files, followed by the latest fix.

    Also, some software for MS also includes a separate wga check. This affects things like WMP11 and Defender. It used to affect IE7, but that has now been dropped. There are different ways of dealing with that which are described elsewhere. One way is the registry fix mentioned in these posts. There are also individual fixes for individual pieces of software.

    I hope I have got the above completely correct – but invite anyone to add corrections.

  • Blek


    In case you use sp2 slipstreamed version of the XP corporate edition you only need to patch the latest WGA version. For installation of WM11, ie7 and defender you need also a to patch the registry with "WPA_registry.reg"wich can be found on the internet as WPA_registry.rar or -zip.

    A SP2 compatibel VLK Key can be genereated with program XPkey.exe which is a keygen for several MS products which can also be found on several locations on the intenet of via P2P programs.

  • John

    Lara, if the xp pro that you have installed is a retail version that you do not have a genuine key for, then this page is not the place to seek advice.

    I normally use XP Pro Corporate slipstreamed with SP1 and with an appropriate VLK, followed by the SP full version mentioned on this page. That is then followed by the earlier 1.5.540.0 WGA fix (which also installs the WGA components) followed by the latest WGA fix. If the 1.5.540.0 fix is not available, then a visit to WU and fail the WGA is necessary first before applying the latest fix.

    That then avoids potential key problems associated with installing SP1, or problems with having to validate the installation as the corporate version does not require it.

  • Blek


    Try to find an XP corporate edition on a torrent or P2P network. A Corporate edition does not need activation. In combination with the WGA hack as discussed on this page you will be able to download all updates.

    PS If you hava a corporate edition it is wise to slipstream XPSP2 first before installing. This will make installation easier as you do not have to switch the installation keys before updating to SPXP2.

  • Lara

    John – thanks for the replies.

    I see what you mean re: WGA and validating. my laptop came with (licensed) home edition, but i've formatted since and installed win xp pro (w/out licensed key). I guess what you are saying is the crack works if you haven't gone passed the validation period. can reverting to a previous restore point maybe solve this issue? I was hoping to find a way to crack through this w/out going through the hassle of re-installing over this o/s (over xp pro) with home edition and then using the key i originally had…

  • John

    Lara – I've read your post again, and have probably answered something you didn't ask.

    If you install XP, you must have a licence key of some sorts. You cannot install XP without a key and then expect a wga fix to somehow mitigate the lack of a key when the trial period expires

    If you say what version of xp you are trying to install, and whether or not you have a key, people will be able to advise, but this page might not be the best place to find your answer.

  • John

    Lara – this page is about fixing a working XP installation so that it passes wga and allows the user to download updates etc from the MS site.

    The issue you refer to relates to installing XP in circumstances where you have to activate the product on-line. That is a separate issue to WGA.

  • Lara

    i've just tried the 'easter' edition crack (wga but it doesn't seem to have worked. I'm not sure if this might be because i've already gone passed my 'grace' validation period with win xp? i've restarted and i still get the error msg that windows can't load unless i validate, rendering everything useless :(

    ..All i get is the 'validate' windows pop-up asking me for a valid key

  • John

    Re: wga

    Fixes for this are already circulating the torrents, so it won't be long before something appears here.

  • John

    As from 21st March 2008, there appears to be a new version (1.7.0069.1) of wga validation being rolled out which might explain why some people are having difficulty with the fix, although it still works where I am.

  • Lara

    I've been sat here for a good couple of hours trying to validate my windows with no luck. I actually can't log properly into windows anymore as validation period has expired and i need to either crack it or enter a valid key. i've tried all the suggestions on here and run the newest crack (18 oct 2007, can't find anything more recent)..

    ..can anyone shed some light? i'm about to chuck my laptop out the window..

  • E3R

    Wow. That .reg edit worked great! Now my XP is updating and I can install WMP11 running Parlelells.

    Make sure you include the "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00" on the first line! I didn't at first and it didn't work. After I realized what I left out and updted the .reg file, it worked like a charm.

    Thanks so much for the help!

  • one to giv sum instruction bout the file selce?thx..really appreciate it..but after i clicked at the installer.bat…i went to it still shows dat my pc is not genuine…

  • pitus

    i applied the .reg registry patch. it's working fine until i startup again the system, when the tray loads the icons the microsoft icon star loads again telling me it's not a genuine system. so i have to click again the .reg file to shut it up again. any suggestion why?

  • one

    y am i getting file is not a valid win32 application?how do i solve this prob?

  • Dipesh

    thanks for solving my problem. i have used the regestry code and save the file to *.reg and run it and it works. so thank u very very much

  • zONker

    dude thank you so much, got everything working on the first try.

  • Lex

    As far as I can tell all the WGA.exe files on Torrent or similar contain viruses. The WGA.exe I recently downloaded contains

    ClamAV 0.92 2008.02.09 Trojan.DNSChanger-2168

    Microsoft 1.3204 2008.02.10 Trojan:Win32/Vundo

    when checked with

    Great service BTW – thanks John

  • davis

    hey can someone confirm any of these to be upto date right now? is alshraify's file working?

  • So if I download and install this on my XP Pro SP2, it should work like a charm. Correct?

  • Preston


  • Phenex


    i've just downloaded and extracted the rar file.My security program blocked it at first hand but they usually do that with crack's and keygen's,so i'd turned off my

    After that i've installed them and it WORKS PERFECT.No further problem's with my pc….so thank's alshraify ….

  • John

    I have just downloaded the file from post #176, extracted it and run it through the virus check at

    The file "activate.exe" contains spyware.tool.agent.FC, "enable.updates.exe" contains a Win32 trojan, and "windows.validation.exe" contains win32/Ciador.EAX.

    You have been warned.

  • John

    I would be inclined not to download files which are mentioned in posts, as there appears to be problems with some of them.

    If you install the latest patch from the articles above, then you will still be prompted to re-install wga by MS. You therefore need to turn off automatic downloads so that you are notified of new updates but you install them yourself. You can then choose not to install any wga programs that are offered.

    As regards the December 2007 version of wga, I believe that just refers to the stand-alone version and not the version offered when you update.

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  • [Politik]

    The only thing politik (168) will do is mess up your PC.

  • Watch out

    The.Illusionist (166) has Trojan Horse Generic8.RKV per AVG.

    Politik 168 reports no virus. Haven't tried it yet though.

  • thanx

    after all the cracks i tried this one worked

    thanx again

  • politik
  • henk

    downloaded the proggy as indicated by Snowy (161)

    Applied all 3 excecutable files and the latest WGA notofication is downloaded and was not able to veryfy wheter windows was genuine.

    Downloading was further posible and WGA notification update did not come up again.

    Thanks Snowie

  • xpx64

    i have xp x64 pro limited use edition none yet have worked or am doing wrong the key thing but my trial is almost up is there a crack forto remove time limit

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  • snaulus

    Dude, you rule!!! Thx, thx, thx ……

  • Djeezer

    Does not work for me with the lastest WGA ( It downloads the updates but i cannot activate Windows Mediaplayer 11 for example!

    Anyone has a solution to this?

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  • john

    Is there a way to remove that reg hack that is listed above? Cause the registry hack seemed to have worked, but there are 2 updates that I cannot run. They 'install' but when I run windows update again, the updates 'install' again. So I'm in this loop of installing and restarting. I wanna just go back to where I can run separate cracks for each update.

  • fishlover

    That registry entry did the trick for me, I believe i'm on wga 1.5.722.

    If it doesn't work after a reboot, well that's not too bad, just run the script when you want to validate something.

    Anyway, After this latest fight to validate windows media player, i'm off to linux with the wine windows application layer for the windows stuff I want to run.

  • bummer

    apparently, my Windows XP doesn't have any service packs. would i have to download service pack first and then do this method?

    btw.. NICE cracks/methods. i can't wait to update my computer..

  • selfer

    I don't understand. Why are people offering registry edit solutions when we've seen numerous reports above of XP refusing to open after a reboot? Either it works or it doesn't. Why the conflicting reports?

  • Whitebear

    The Registry solution is maybe the most easy way. But unfortunatelly after restart it doesn't work, unless you register it again.

    What to do?

    1) Just download hstart (for hidden running commands etc. in the background) from here:

    2) than copy the above listed registry setting in your notepad and save as (all file types) wga.reg in your C:Windows folder

    3) create a batch file (.bat file from notepad) with following text:

    reg import C:Windowswga.reg

    and save it as updatewga.bat in your windows folder

    4) and finaly make this batch file to run at all startup hiddenly:

    copy following registry settings in a .reg file and run it once so that it will be added to your HKLM Run Registy settings:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    "WGA"="C:WINDOWShstart.exe /NOWINDOW /WAIT /REALTIME "C:Windowsupdatewga.bat""

    That is all. Now you can reboot your machine as you wish the WGA reg settings will be overwritten all the time so that you have a permanent WGA reg.

  • ancients

    I can't use the universal method. After copying and save as .reg file, when I try to open it, the message "The specific file is not a registry script. You can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor". What's the problem?

  • LSD

    The registry key fix work for me. Thanks.

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  • spree

    thank you RPE!!!!!!

  • Ed

    The most simple way to bypass WGA (works on most XP Pro computers, but not all)

    – Let micro$oft update download KB892130

    – When finished, exit IE

    – From WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownload move the directory that contains legitcheckcontrol.dll to somewhere else

    – Restart micro$oft update, it should find updates without bothering you with validation

  • Danox

    omfg, thats a nice crack dude, smooth and clean :D

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  • eestlane

    Sorry , I had posted wrong mail address. Right one is


  • John

    The June updates require the installation of a new version of WGA validation. Does anyone know if the win_xp_Genuine_patcher program still works with this?

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  • Jolanda


    The work-around for windows xp sp2 worked fine! With the code at the top of this page.


  • Rob-Needs-Help

    eeeeek still not working like anyone else got any ideas? pissing me off

    ….. stooopid windows

  • hii,

    the wga you gave here doesn't work at all now. I guess you need to look for newer one. thanks for your share

    best regards,


  • RPE

    Download NOW the best AIO to make your Windows XP GENUINE. Everything you need and more! Remove the "This version of Windows XP isn't Genuine" alert too! Don't wait to have the Windows XP Genuine!



  • shongaks

    it has a spyware in it.. the step # 3..

  • Dark

    it work thank man podx thank for gv me so nice software

  • rami

    thx the registry trick worked

  • bb

    I have created an installer which installs the WGA (used the original installer from MS) and replaced the content with the cracked files. If you're evcer interested in offering it, let me know… Also seeking for the OGA installer actually, so if you ever get ahand on the installer, lemme know…

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  • Ahmed Bachoo

    Hey ppl…thanks alot for helpin me it really worked no more annoyin messages…Thanks..

    GOD BLESS!!!

  • lazaro

    r there any programs which help me bypass all the validating things?

  • lazaro

    hey how do i downlaod wmp11 without having to go through the entire validate thing?

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  • xiahmi

    hhahha, 12-1pm lang po ako online.. kasi sa work po..hheheh, san po kau nagwowork? mmya online ako, nakainvicible lang.. :D

  • LeChe

    xiahmi, thanks so much for sending the file… btw, inadd kita sa ym list ko.. just in case it won't work out.. kasi di ako masyadong marunong sa mga ganito.. dalawang pc kasi yung problem ko ngayon so medyo nahihilo na 'ko.. wehe

    @Vinc, thanks. I'll update you guys with how Im doing. Im not really good at this.

  • LeChe


    andun na po sa mail ninyo.. :D

  • To LeChe

    My problem with WPA was solved.

    Use WPAkill from

    I use home ed build 2600


  • teitbite

    super thank you!

  • LeChe


    pls mail me the "wpa_registry.rar" at my add —

    kanina pa 'ko naghahanap e =(

    salamat ng marami!!!

  • m0dded, shut up… if you had a legal copy, why didn't you contact MS?

    you don't have to do everything written by some-people-you-don't-know, dude. i've fixed my problem in my way, on my own. and you came here for help, and that's how you said thnks.

  • xiahmi


    hehhe, ur not following instructionsts..tsktsk..

    if youre still to insterested to on Bypassing Genuine Windows Validate Requirement, post an eadd where i can mail "wpa_registry.rar", or you can google it.. :D


  • m0dded

    i copied the code into a text file and saved it with a .reg, and opened/applied it. windows xp will no longer boot past the user select screen because "a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. error code: 0x80090006"

    thanks for breaking my computer assholes. my copy of xp is legit anyways but it still said that it wasn't genuine. so i come toy our site thinking you might give some honest help. but no, you make my computer absolutely worthless. THANKS!

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  • Neptunus

    Ok, I tried to do it the way Manu says a few posts down, but, when i try to download Change Your Windows XP Key” ( , my Antivir lights up and i get "Contains signature of the SPR/PSW.RAS.A.3 program". So is this a trojan or a false positive?

    Anyone that has download can tell me if their Antivirus detects anything?

  • xiahmi

    Gosh.. really works.. few clicks and i have a genuine microsoft thingy.. :D thanks po! :D

  • brennan

    Worked for me, with the instructions posted below.

    However, I don't really understand why you have to loop back the wga-check. Shouldn't the new key alone be able to fix the problem?

  • Memo

    Something weird happened after i install the "Windows Genuine Advantage Validation 1.5.723.1 Crack"

    Everything is OK. Windows shows Genuine. I go to Windows Update, the update procedure work fine.

    i loaded the updates, but they did not install. The Update site said "Updates unsuccesful"..

    i have checked Administrative Tools and all services. Everything is OK.

    Anyone knows the way how should i "INSTALL" the update..?

    Thanks in advance

  • christ

    People, your the best.

    Thanx from Estonia

  • Manu

    TESTED and WORK ….

    It's so easy to make windows 100% licensed (Windows Genuine):

    1 – Download the file “Instrutions.txt”, they have the easy instruction for the next 4 files:

    2 – Download and Open "Generate Windows XPVLK Genuine Serial" ( ) from :

    Then select "Windows Xp Pro. VLK" from Product Family section, press "generate"

    to generate a brand new Windows XP VLK serial, note it to somewhere to use on the next step.

    3 – Download and open "Change Your Windows XP Key" ( from :

    Select "Change Windows Key" from the options, then enter the serial you previously noted

    in the previous step.

    4 – Download and open "Windows Genuine Advantage Fix" ( ) from :

    Select "Yes" in the dialog to apply genuine fix, now your windows must be licensed.

    5 – Download and open "Genuine Advantage Checker" ( ) from :

    "Genuine validation status" must be changed from "Blocked VLK" to "Genuine"

    After that you can :

    – download all Windows and Office updates,

    – play all the media with "Windows Media Player 11",

    – Surf the web with "Internet Explorer 7",

    – and much more..

    just enjoy…

  • lordkramdar

    yeah the wga hack worked. no more annoying messages. but there's one problem. when i go to the windows update site, whether i click on express or custom, it just keeps "checking for the latest updates on my computer" i left this on for about 15 min. and didn't get to the list of updates.

  • Thomas

    Hi Author-of-this-article,

    I've just applied "Universal and All-in-One Way to Make Windows Activated" on my WinXP Pro SP2 and it works! Thanks a lot, man! :-)


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  • Denben

    I am having a weird problem..

    I had an illegal copy of XP Pro which came pre-installed on my PC and was running fine, until recently it gave me a message saying I needed to activate my copy of XP (after a few years of use), I ran out of the 7 days it gave me and now I cannot log onto the machine, it just loops through the message asking me to activate my copy of XP. I tried the registry hack listed here but it seems to of made no difference, anyone got any clues? It just keeps asking me to activate Windows now.

  • This is another version of the “Keychange and Loopback” technique using a nice tool called WGALoopback.exe that replaces wga-fix.exe

    This method involves changing the XP Pro VLK.

    WGAValidator Package:

    The WGAValidator Package includes:


    WGALoopback.exe (wga-fix.exe replacement)

    “Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder” (keyfinder.exe)

    “Windows XP-2003 key generator utility” (Windows XP Keygen.exe)


    The new utility, WGALoopback.exe, does the host file loopback as well as allows you to tell it to remove any existing WGA files.

    host file entry that is created:

    edited hosts file location:



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  • ad

    Interesting registry file, as soon as I have imported it, SP2 was genuine, the genuine icon warning was gone and have been able to use windows update. It also passed the IE7 validation before installing it. Keep the good work up as genuine is always updated =)


  • remaveun

    here is my solution to the registry that keeps on resetting.After copy-pasting the file and saving to a .reg.

    1. click start

    2. run

    3. regedit

    4. goto HKLMSoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversion

    5. click on run

    6. on the right will appear the files on startup, under the last file right click and press string. use any name you like. right click the logo and press modify.

    6. on the value data type regedit /s "c: he exact location of the .reg file". ok. close.

  • admin

    bob brace, you should copy and paste all of the "text" into a text file, save it with a file name with .reg extension, then double click on the file to apply it to registry automatically.

  • bob brace

    So close, I still can't figure where I put the file I have opened the reg edit and got to the end (WPAEvents folder) Now where do I paste the text?

    Thank you,


  • bob brace

    I think I answered my Q. about extracting files from registry by looking in HELP.Thanx, BB

  • bob brace

    How do I Extract the archive to retrieve the registration file? I am stuck, at this point I get lost.

  • Llama

    I did it and it worked fine, I validated, but after mandatory reboot to recieve more updates, I recieved error 0x80004005 and cannot log in. I do not have sp2, is this the reason, how do I fix it? sp2 requires validation so how can I? Thanks

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  • Chadd

    Author – Thank you. Just thanks. Keep it up :)

  • bloke

    Updated ETH0 crak works just fine as usual

  • John

    There is a crack for on Does anyone know if it is OK?

  • mitchjs

    yeash ETH0..

    same stolen crack… (MINE)

    and its BAD!!!! need to check a bit more

    before u change those 3 bytes

    course this really isnt a NEW VERSION

    from microsoft, just a OLD one with version # changed

    proof is in the pudding

    00BF6898 . 31 2E 35 2E 30 37 31 36 >ASCII "1.5.0716.0",0

    at offset 5c98

    not to mention, yesterday, i went to get this version from ms, and i didnt dl it


  • aaho

    I think the crack is out.. I got something on Edk networks… gonna try it soon…

  • The easiest way to find a genuine serial for windows is to go to your local library, school or even your workplace and have a look for a little sticker that says something to the effect of "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" then below it should say "Product Key: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx", obviously you have to get the key to the right type of OS you are trying to crack (eg. Home or Pro), then you should have no problem download or installing software and you'll pass WGA checks.

  • roker

    Guys, how do I use System Restore? Can some1 please tell me!

  • John

    Does the registry hack work with the latest version of wga notifications that is being offered to UK users from the Windows Update centre from 21st February, or is there a new patch on the way for that?

  • ajisa

    hey the guys came out with the new WGA few days back in feb . can anyone guide me to a location to disable that enable updated for win xp. ta

  • sephiroth2m

    Great! Thank you so much

  • Username

    The registry hack works great for me: the Windows XP SP2 is running in Parallels for Mac, on a Core Duo Mac Mini. I have to run the .reg hack every reboot, though.

  • Nico

    WindowsUpdate fails with error 0×80004005 after modifying the registry.

    How can I get it like it was before, without using System Restore?

  • Mal

    Actually, for me the reg method did seem to work fine up to and through the point of actually getting access to the updates, which it seemed to handle alright.

    However, when I was to reboot and re-log in to XP, I got the error code 0×80004005 and I couldn´t get in at all!

    Had to enter fail safe mode and make a system restore to get back in there…

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  • admin

    If you're administrator, check if you have ownership of the hosts file.

  • gurumandir

    Sorry i posted this on wrong thread I am now posting it here again.

    I have tried the permanent method of patching WXP and it worked quite nicely. However, when I tried to use it on another PC wga-fix.exe did not change the host file. I discovered hosts wa s hidden and read only. I manually made it read write and ran host fix it again became read only and hidden and did not change. I tried to change -h -s -r attribute from command line it worked but again I tried to manually edit it with notepad. But when I try to save it gives error and hosts again becomes read only and hidden and creates a backup file. I tried to discover what utilty is protecting it i could not also i am logged in as administrator. There was spyware blaster on the system which I know protects the hosts file but even after removing it it does not help. I also disabled AVG anti-virus and zone alarm but the file still is protected and cannot be changed. How do I remove this protection. I am sure the protection is in the XP itself and not some hidden program do you have an idea how I can unprotect it?

  • kumar

    I am unable to roll back windows media player 11.0 as my XP Pro is not a genuine one.Please suggest what to and how to remove WMP 11.0 or rollback


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  • admin

    Hi Tony, check your quotation mark which is ". Sometimes it has been distorted. And you should not restart your PC.

  • tony

    i cant seem to make a registry file work, i copy and paste everything perfect, i make the file and i add it to the registry and it applies it, but i still cant update.

    someone help me please.

  • acrwebline

    It worked for Windows XP Pro, but doesn't seem to work for Home Edition.

  • jena

    to Rachhie and Matzi:

    excuse me: which of those methods did you use?


  • Rachhie

    this works PERFECTLY well !!

  • Magicky

    Just go to The Application folder in All Users and delete Windows Genuine Advantage and all its components

    then reinstall it from the website =D

  • method works perfect thx

  • Slarti

    Hosts file method plus changed key to a generic

    VLK liscence still working

  • Slarti

    how did i find out? i removed the files that

    was causing the 80004005 error (those files

    also were locked by the OS so i used copylock2

    to rename qmgr1.dat and qmgr0.dat to *.old.

    After that the error disappeared, i executed

    the liscense.reg again to make sure it is

    used since i had rebooted and then continued

    Windows Update via Internet Explorer 7.0.

    The WGA test failed with invalid product key.

  • Slarti

    yep the liscence is now blacklisted by MS

    suggest : update the liscence.rar to NOT WORKING

  • Slarti

    It seems MS has done something to WGA lately.

    The liscence registry fix seems to be now

    detected by MS. IT renders the error code

    0x80004005 which means that there was a

    problem verifying the liscense.

    Can anyone verify that?

  • Who know

    WindowsLicense.rar or wpa_registry.rar method works perfect

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  • gr8testal

    i need help too. can't seem to get all your files since they've all been removed, but i still would like to have them and bypass all these nagging. Fortunately, i was able to get your wmp11 cracked file but i cant get ie7 nor the permanent bypass.

    thanks in advance ^_^

  • delight


    I have a problem downloading suggested files as my system throws up a Not Authorized page and initially I thought it was my virus protection but even though i have reduced this to the minimum, I'm still experiencing the same problem.

    Please help.

  • kaka

    These really work !!!!!! :DDD

    Thnx very much!!!

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  • mrvoyou

    Thanks a lot. Works great. got WMP11 installed and Bill$ even said than you for using genuine software :-)

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  • Fips

    Here is the crack for 1.5.723.1:

    Note: link removed due to Microsoft Anticircumvention (DMCA) notice

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  • admin

    Hi Chewy, obviously yes. Please read the bottom part of article if you want application specific patch.

  • Chewy

    Now Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player require Validation. Is there a crack for these applications? Thanks.

  • admin

    722 link updated.

  • Anonymous

    crack at depositfiles for 1.5.722.0 by ETH0 has been deleted. please reupload on another safer free filehoster

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  • Davide


    Anybody can say us how can we bypass the 1.5.722.0 version?

  • Atul

    Not working WindowsLicense.rar or wpa_registry.rar currently. Before nov 23 it was working and i downloaded a lot of updated. but now ut is shows some unknown error ….8005.

    can somebody help?

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  • aseem


    how can i convert rom into ram.

  • Sari

    Another version of KB892130 is :

    1.5.0722.0 (or 1.5.722.0) is the code base.

    Link below will install the ActiveX control

    Note: This is on 7 december 2006 13.30 GMT+1

  • marco c

    hi. i installed the windowslscense file and rebooted my pc and am now not able to log in with the only option being ok to quit and it then goes about closing my system. could someone please help me out of this predicament? my email is thanks.

  • marco c

    hi i installed the first file in your article

  • Slarti

    First of all im not sure if the universal method

    works on any other version than XP PRO SP2 CORPORATE EDITION

    You may have to re-execute the regfile if you access windows update after a reboot.

    I was denied by WGA today so i went back in

    my browser, reloaded the registry hack and

    continued forward in my browser and i was able

    to access normally again.

  • TheGamE


    I installed Windows on my Desktop and performed this trick ('windows_licence.rar' one) and worked like a charm.

    I installed Windows on my Laptop with the same CD and CD key, performed the same trick but this time it logs me off saying it wasn't able to validate my version of windows or something like that.

    I realised this only occurs when I run the .reg file. So I was wondering, people want thier .reg files stay forever. I want my .reg file to reset after reboot. Can you tell me how to do that?

    Thank You,

    Cause if the .reg file resets my windows will work.

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  • myles

    hey i used windows liscence.rar and now when i try to log into my account it says error somethign and logs me back off, how do i fix this?

  • Davide

    Hi to everyvoby, i have the problem of Pitty :

    I found the solution in Microsoft where they advice to write the fellow command:

    "msiexec /p Full path of FixBinary.msp reinstall=all /qb"

    But it'is not good , maybe i need add paremeter? Can you hel me to understand how can i fix that problem(0X80004005).

    The solution of Microsoft is :
    If somebody understand answer please!

  • pitty

    From 2 days i have errore code 0X80004005 . Doesn't work Windows Update, after i used universale registry to installa Internet explorer 7. How can i fix it? Please help us, we are a lot of people with tath problems

  • admin

    Hi pitty, it's actually version 1.5.560.0, have since updated the version history above on the release date itself.

  • pitty

    Ysterday Microsoft Released WGA 1.0 , the new method , anybody knows about it?

  • Sparticus

    Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks alot! I used your "universal method" and it worked perfectley, first time round! I had tried many other sites without success until i came across yours…Thanks again!

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  • Slarti

    GREAT !

    pre fix situation

    Win XP Pro SP2 corp version, NO WGA installed

    applied registry fix

    connected to windows update

    retrieved up to date WGA package

    installed WGA Package

    at this place i stopped …and reapplied

    the registry fix just to make sure nothing

    was changed by WGA installation

    continued windows update WGA TEST –>PASSED!

    Selected IE 7 update

    start IE 7 setup

    On Install of IE7 a second WGA Test will

    take place ->>>>>>>> PASSED !

    Installed IE 7 complete

    For my privacy i used a anonymous proxy

    server in this case TOR during the complete

    update procedures that required a internet


  • markus

    Great work, it all worked perfectly.

    Notice left as soon as the patches were applied.

    Downloaded IE7 and all update with out any problems.



  • ron

    hmm..i still can't validate my WinXp.

    Im using Wga 1.5.532.0

    i tried too with the cracked version.

    help me pls.


  • Anonymous

    Still got [Error Number: 0x80004005] on windows update, so that i cannot update my windows… ;(

    changed my product-key, and the different 1.5.716.0 Patches/Fixes… Nothing worked!

    MGADIAG 1.5.717.0 says cryptographic errors… anyone knows what that mean and how I can fix it???

    my office 2003 pro status number of mgadiag is 114 which means that it is identifeied as not genuine, is there already also an office OGA patch? yet the office update works, but who knows how long…

  • Zig

    I tried the method of adding the registry files and that didn't help at all, in fact I had to do a system restore just to get my computer working properly after it screwed it up.

    What I need isn't so much to be able to download from the microsoft site but to be able to install SP1, which I have downloaded from a tech support forum. During the installation it tells me I don't have a valid product key. I am wondering if all of these crack methods on here also extend to that phase of the windows validation check or just being able to download off of the microsoft site?

  • Meluzin

    Hello guys,

    I tried everything and still cannot get rid of the pop-up telling about illegal copy of windows:

    Here is the story:

    1. my version of WGA 1.5.554.0

    – I tried the Universal and All-in-One Way descibed above – did not work

    – then I tried to download the cracked WGA for my version (554) and still nothing

    2. Then I updated to 1.5.716.0

    – I tried both ways again (cracked 1.5.716 and those two registry files) and still nothing

    Any idea what I might do wrong?

    Thx for any help.

  • Anonymous

    It seems that even with the ESI patch for 1.5.716, it works for Windows Update and Microsoft Download Center. However, it still does not work with Windows Media Player 11 and Internet Explorer 7.

  • Jaime Bichara Jr

    I tried the new wga LegitCheckControl.dll 1.5.716.0. It works with downloads but when going to windows update it shows an error:( To install updates from this website, you must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group on your computer. If you use Windows XP, you can see if you are an administrator by going to User Accounts in Control Panel.

    Note: If your computer is connected to a network, network policy settings might also prevent you using this website. Contact your system administrator for help with updates. )

    This is a new problem. Looks like Microsoft has a new blocker for pirated windows software. Can this be solved. Kindly help. Thanks

    Jaime JR

  • io

    @nme6635: try another OS like Mac or Linux ;-)

  • nme6635

    I'm not sure if you can help with this, but I am getting messages telling me that I have to activate my product key within 2 days. When I tried to do this it said that my key was invalid. I tried using the key from our other PC which is about 1-2 months old(bought from Dell), and it says the key is typed incorrectly.

    Any idea what I can do besides buying a new product key?

  • Tushar

    You guys are awesome!!!

    I just copied and pasted the text in notepad; edited the quotations; and it worked in the first go.

    You guys are awesome!!!

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Kratchet

    Kule dude. May the force be with you. Cheers

  • alex

    hey, erm , i dont know wether this is me ebing stupid or anything, but i tried your universal method. it allowed me to download the updates, but my nag screen appears to be different from yours. it says if windows i'nt activated in one day, i won't be able to use it anymore. please help before i lose everyhting on my system :S

  • Henrik

    Thanks for your efforts man! Unfortunately, it does not work for me. I cannot get rid of the annoying genuine advantage icon in the system tray nor download Explorer. Weird as it seems to work for others.

    Anyone else experiencing problems?

  • Par

    Thanks a lot friend! This seems to work for me too (as of Nov. 6)!!!

    I was a bit disappointed with previous (many tries). It seems that people should look for updates in your site and try to apply a solution as soon as it is published…

    thx again for your time to write all this!!!

  • Kooldude

    U rock man!!!!!

    It works real good for me!!!!!!

    Thnx alot!!!!!!!!

  • Da King

    Hi, it appears that WindowsLicense.rar or wpa_registry.rar are not downloadable. Are there any other links available to these files?

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