On system startup or upon boot up, Windows Live Messenger (WLM), also known as MSN Messenger is not starting or loading, where usually users configure WLM to start automatically together with Windows. Anyhow, even if user manually go to Start Menu and click on Windows Live Messenger to start the program, the instant messaging client appears not responding, dead and is not loading, showing or displaying on desktop nor its icon appear on system tray (notification area).

In Task Manager, Windows Live Messenger process, msnmsgr.exe does exist though. Sometimes, more than one msnmsgr.exe processes appear if user tries to run or start MSN Messenger repetitively. However, the Windows Live (MSN) Messenger still doesn’t appear or show up anywhere on desktop. And uninstall and re-installation of the WL Messenger by downloading genuine copy from Windows Live and temporarily disable or turn off memory-resident anti-virus or firewall function do not resolve or fix the problem.

Worst of all, the MSN Windows Live Messenger cannot load or start problem happens out of sudden, where it may still working properly days before or even hours ago. Scanning computer for virus, Trojan, rootkit, spyware, malware and other potentially harmful program or process, and even clean the system registry with tools such as CCleaner yields no positive results.

For unknown reason, Windows Live Messenger application process may be suppressed, blocked and stopped from loading or starting by, ironically, router. The exact cause is unknown, but the router that may cause the problem can be gateway to connect to Internet which integrates cable, ADSL or dial-up modem and router, or standalone wireless (WLAN) or Ethernet router that allows sharing of Internet connection, with all major brands, i.e. Cisco, LinkSys and D-Link experience that same issue.

Luckily the resolution or fix is simple. Just reset the router or gateway and Internet modem by switching off the power (unplug or disconnect from power source) of the device and then turn back on. The Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger will start, run and load properly with window pops up and icon shows in notification area after that.