Windows Live Messenger, the new MSN Messenger from Microsoft is a nice instant messenger client except that it contains advertisements, banner ads on the main messenger window plus text ads on the chat windows. However, some programs can facilitate the ads removal from Windows Live Messenger, one of them is A-Patch, and another tool is WLM Universal Patcher++ from MasterLine.

WLM Universal Patcher++ v0.9.1 will be able to enable the ability to multiple login to Windows Live Messenger, remove and hide banner ads, remove and hide WLM tabs, remove and make the ad bar invisible, remove and hide the MSN search at the bottom of WLM window, and remove the WLM actions pane (the options on top of the WLM contact list).

WLM Universal Patcher++ supports Dutch, French, Spanish, English and Turkish, and it will automatically detects your WLM language and display the language on its own program. If you’re stuck with Dutch language, just select “Inschakelen” and “Onzichtbaar” on the options to remove the ads from WLM, and then click on Patch. The utility supports WLM final version, and will do automatic backup when apply patch, with the ability to restore to original settings. The patch can also applied on patched version of WLM, hacked version and skinned version of WLM.

Download WLM Universal Patcher++ from MasterLine.

Update: A-Patch