Will Microsoft pulls another trick like Windows Vista SP1 on Windows XP SP3, where the RTM version is released without announcement initially (in the case of Vista SP1, the RC2 was made RTM or RTL or RTW). There is a leaked version of Windows XP SP3, the latest service pack for aging Windows XP, which some users have speculated as the build which will be the final RTM version of XP Service Pack 3, or at least the RTM candidate.

The leaked Windows XP SP3 from unknown source has the version number of 5.1 (2600 build 2600.xpsp.080306-1604:Service Pack 3) or 5.1.2600.080306-1604, build number of v.5503. The setup.exe inside the archive has the file version of 5.1.2600.5503. Comparing the last previous known official release of XP SP3 – SP3 RC2, the build version is a huge jump from v.3311 to v.5503, kind of peculiar and weird. As with Vista SP1 RC2 which turned out to be the RTM release, the system properties after installing this version of XP Service Pack 3 do not list any build version number, unlike prior SP3 betas. However, v5503 version of SP3 installer still has a Pre-Release License.


Windows XP SP3

Users who are adventurous and want to be a ‘pioneer guinea pig’ can download the Windows XP SP3 v.5503 setup installer to upgrade their system. Users can download English and/or Russian language edition by using torrents with BitTorrent (BT) client or direct HTTP web links.

Windows XP SP3 v.5503 English

Direct Download Link: WINDOWSXP-KB936929-SP3-X86-ENU.EXE
Size: 315.48 MB (330800680 Bytes)
MD5: 0f88c125ee4ab608e2744ef3d18a686e
SHA1: e1621b38e71a98df4bf4cc928a68dd144d34ec02
CRC-32: e516340c
Torrent: WINDOWS_XP_SP3_Eng_v.5503.4075167.TPB.torrent

Windows XP SP3 v.5503 Russian

Direct Download Link: WINDOWSXP-KB936929-SP3-X86-RUS.EXE
Size: 302 MB (317645864 Bytes)
MD5: fac9a1fee15422305f0d74d25f17c429
Torrent: WINDOWS_XP_SP3_Ru_v.5503.4075183.TPB.torrent

Again, be warned that the source for this release of service pack is unknown, and unofficial, although Microsoft’s signature is intact on the setup file. The RTM status of the build is also unable to verify. There is no guarantee that this version will be RTM version, or indeed an official build. So download and install on your own risk.

Update: Microsoft releases Windows XP SP3 RC2 Refresh build 5508 via Windows Update.