Previously we mentioned about MaxTo that can split Windows to multiple regions, now there is a similar tool that you can combine the usage to further ease up the Windows arrangement for document comparison for more effective computing work. Named as WinLayout, it is a standalone tiny utility that simplifies the Windows positioning and resizing process with the use of numeric keypad only.

Without any installation required, once download and click on the program, it will stay silently at your system tray. No complicated setup at all, you can use the utility right away as long as you know the hotkey combinations for them. For the start, right clicking on the icon and select the ‘Shortcuts’ will bring up the WinLayout ‘s shortcut keys definition for quick reference. There are easily more than 40 different hotkey combinations with each of them being assigned for dedicated tasks. For simplicity, each of the numeric keys represents a positioning move to certain direction and they can be combined with WIN, CTRL, ALT keys for different functions. For instance, by holding the WIN button down followed by a Numeric 1 press will move the active window to bottom left, Numeric2 press will move it to bottom and etc. Besides, if you need to have additional capability to resize it, just use combination keys with WIN + ALT followed by numeric number to move to respective position.

Consumed at 308kB only, WinLayout is quite useful to replace your conventional way of resizing windows using mouse cursor, which could be quite challenging especially when you need very precise movement with accurate positioning of different windows to be displayed in your tiny laptop screen.