You mobile phone battery is running flat, you forgot where you place your cables and power adapters, and you have many urgent calls to make….You must be worried and start looking for a public phone.

Now Auto part manufacturer Visteon Corp is developing a wireless charger for mobile devices! The base station on which a mobile gadget is placed to be rejoiced plugs into a car’s lighter socket and sits in a cup holder. Visteon expects to see the chargers for US$60 starting later this year.

For now, a separate US$30 adapter is needed for each gadget for it to work with the wireless charger.

In the future, the company and its technology partner, Fulton Innovation LLC, hope to partner with manufactures to build the necessary components directly into devices. The technology works because the base station creates a magnetic field that generates a current within the gadget’s adapter.

Visteon Corp – as well as cell phone maker Motorola Inc and furniture maker Herman Miller Inc – have formed an alliance to create a standard for the wireless power-up technology, called eCouple.