Users who are familiar with the award-winning presentation solution & application, Presto! WMS 200, will be interested in this new product, Presto! WMS 200 flash drive, unveiled by NewSoft America Inc. This new tiny device comes with 512MB storage capacity and includes the WMS3FE software which runs directly from the USB drive. With this software, users can just plug the drive into a USB port and run the Presto! WMS 200 application from the flash drive.

newsoft-wms200.jpgTravelers or people on the move such as salespersons, businessmen, trainers, mobile professionals who are using the NewSoft’s wireless presentation solution will love this gadget very much. They just need to bring a flash drive to control access the WMS wireless adapter and wirelessly broadcast dynamic presentations, video, audio and pictures from their laptop to a projector or display. After all, this useful device, Presto! WMS 200 flash drive only costs $44.95.