Looking for a ‘green’ solution to protect your digital devices free from scratches, dust and dirt? The provider of the strongest, clearest and greenest protection for the digital devices, Wrapsol has responded to consumers’ need with its invisible antiscratch film, which the company claims can provide twice the strength of traditional films, delivering protection for wide variety of touchscreen and digital devices including iPhones, Blackberry’s, MacBooks, iPods, PSP’s and more.


“We knew that consumers needed better protection for their touchscreen and other digital devices – but we also knew many of those same consumers were sensitive to how “green” and socially responsible the products they buy are,” said Wrapsol CMO Igor Muravyov. “we felt that combining a film twice the strength of what is available elsewhere, with 100% recyclable packaging and donating a portion of each sale to Cool Earth would be both the right thing to do as well as attractive to a great many consumers.”

According to Wrapsol, “Since every Wrapsol purchase saves over 500 square feet of rainforest and directly challenges global warming, you don’t just protect your device—you protect your planet, too.”