Yahoo! has officially released Yahoo! Messenger 10 final version, with build version Yahoo! Messenger v10.0.0.1102 incorporates many bug fixes, including some bugs related to new video call feature, and improves on overall stability of the product. Yahoo! Messenger 10 also allows user to troubleshoot with detailed connection log, helpful when user cannot login to Yahoo! Messenger despite repetitive attempts.

User who prefers the full version standalone offline setup installer for Yahoo! Messenger 10 Final version can use the following direct download links to get the full installer, instead of small web installer which in turn launch a wizard to download full installation files.

US English: ymsgr1000_1102_us.exe

Argentina: ymsgr1000_1102_ar.exe
Brazil: ymsgr1000_1102_br.exe
Canada: ymsgr1000_1102_ca.exe
Canada (Quebec French): ymsgr1000_1102_cf.exe
Chile: ymsgr1000_1102_cl.exe
Columbia: ymsgr1000_1102_co.exe
Mexico: ymsgr1000_1102_mx.exe
Peru: ymsgr1000_1102_pe.exe
Venezuela: ymsgr1000_1102_ve.exe
Yahoo! Telemundo (Latin America Spanish): ymsgr1000_1102_e1.exe

France: ymsgr1000_1102_fr.exe
Germany: ymsgr1000_1102_de.exe
Italy: ymsgr1000_1102_it.exe
Spain: ymsgr1000_1102_es.exe
UK & Ireland: ymsgr1000_1102_uk.exe

Australia & New Zealand: ymsgr1000_1102_au.exe


India (English): ymsgr1000_1102_in.exe
Indonesia: ymsgr1000_1102_id.exe
Hong Kong (Chinese): ymsgr1000_1102_hk.exe
Korea: ymsgr1000_1102_kr.exe
Malaysia: ymsgr1000_1102_my.exe
Philippines: ymsgr1000_1102_ph.exe
Singapore: ymsgr1000_1102_sg.exe
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese): ymsgr1000_1102_tw.exe
Thailand: ymsgr1000_1102_th.exe
Vietnam: ymsgr1000_1102_vn.exe

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